What is vegan at Popeyes?

Popeyes doesn’t have many vegan options at all, but they do have a few.

I’d never recommend going here as a vegan though, as almost everything contains animal products, and some quite nasty unexpected ones at that. If you are a non-vegan looking for a vegan family member or friend, thanks for that. But I’ll just tell you right off the bat you should go somewhere else, anywhere else, as pretty much anywhere is better than Popeyes for a Vegan.

What are the vegan options on Popeyes’s menu?

The below-listed products are the only vegan products they carry short of condiments like Ketchup as of Mid-2019, if this does change and some news comes out please use our contact form to let us know, but judging by Popeyes behavior and lack of regard for even vegetarians, I suspect we won’t be getting any good news from them anytime soon.


That’s it, everything else on their menu contains either dairy/egg allergies (and thus aren’t vegan) or contain cholesterol according to their nutrition menu, meaning they are not vegan as plants do not contain any cholesterol. The cholesterol in the other products, such as their fries, comes from using pig-lard as their “oil” source for frying and various products.

  • Corn on the Cob (Without Butter)
  • Baguette (not at most locations)
  • Grits (made with water, check)
  • Apple Sauce
  • Juice/Black-Coffee/Sodas

Are Popeyes fries vegan?

No, Popeyes fries are not vegan, because they are fried in oil that is mixed with beef tallow. In addition, the hash browns are not vegan-friendly because of the same reason.

Are Popeyes biscuits vegan?

No, the biscuits are not vegan, since they are made from milk. Also, the mashed potatoes contain animal product, same as in biscuits, that makes them not-vegan products.

What fast-food restaurants offer vegan options?
There are many other vegan fast-food options for eating chicken, breakfast, pancakes, fries as a vegan. Sadly, Popeyes doesn’t have a wide selection of vegan products, so we suggest having a whole meal in one of the restaurants below.

What are the vegan options in McDonald’s?

In Mcdonald’s, you can start your day with a vegan breakfast menu, which is oatmeal and orange juice. Then, have a vegan sandwich, which you can create own your own, by opt-out meat and cheese from any sandwich.

What are the vegan options in Slutty Vegan?

In Slutty Vegan, you have everything you’ve dreamed of. There are plant-based hamburgers, fries and sauces. As their name states, everything on their menu is vegan friendly, so you can order safely.

What are the vegan options in Burger King?

In Burger King, you can have vegan hash browns! Also, there are other vegan breakfast options as lunch or dinner option, so you can have a try.

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