Everything Vegan at Wayback Burgers (2022)

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Wayback burger, much like Shake shack, has very very few vegan options on their menu, comprising largely of just french fries, a so-so salad, and a generic ‘vegetable sandwich’ of sorts.

It’s a shame, as it wouldn’t be hard for them to introduce a beyond burger or impossible burger, or simply make their veggie burger vegan-friendly but unfortunately as of early 2022 they’ve done none of the above, so us vegans are stuck with the few options we list below. Hopefully Wayback Burger adds a vegan burger soon.

Vegan Friendly Items at Wayback Burger:

  • French Fries
  • Fresh Potato Chips 
  • Tater Tots
  • Garden Salad (Specify No Cheese or Croutons, dressing is vegan-friendly)
  • Vegetable sandwich (see below – NOT the Veggie burger)

To elaborate on the above, which is everything they currently have that’s vegan friendly with the exception on condiments and drinks (see below) — The vegetable sandwich we refer to above is a sandwich with no meat or cheese, with the vegetable toppings inside, it’s custom-order, and honestly not that great. If you have no other place to eat and you’re hungry, you may be best off ordering one of these just to fill your belly.

We’d also recommend against the tater tots, as while they’re vegan friendly they’re, well, just some frozen not anything special tater tots. Their fries or chips are much much better in our opinion.

Hopefully in the near future Wayback Burger introduces a vegan burger nationwide, even if it’s just a beyond burger or impossible burger that’s fine — but until then I’d avoid them if possible as a vegan — pretty much every other burger place is more vegan-friendly than Wayback Burger.  Only shake shack and McDonalds are really worse than them for us vegans.

What About Wayback Burgers Veggie Burger, Is It Vegan?

No, they made the bad decision to use the infamous ‘garden burger patty’ which contains  dairy/cheese in the patty, so their veggie burger is not vegan-friendly currently and cannot be made vegan-friendly with modifications. 

As we outlined above there are ways to eat at wayback burger as a vegan despite this, however the experience isn’t very grand to say the least.

What About Wayback Burgers Drinks?

As all the drinks they serve are just basic carbonated sodas they’re all vegan-friendly — just like at most restaurants. Options vary at every location — the one drink they have that’s somewhat unique is their lemonade, which at some locations is freshly made. It’s very sugary of course, but much more tasty and natural compared to the carbonated sodas they offer. They also have water of course, and it’s vegan btw.

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