Everything Vegan at Gregg's Bakery (UK, 2021)

Greggs UK Vegan Options Logo

Gregg’s has lots of vegan-friendly options, including vegan donuts, vegan meat-rolls, sandwiches, soups, and of course a some snackable items like potato wedges or chips.

Ultimately while Gregg’s doesn’t offer the healthiest vegan options (they’re quite high in fat and processed) they are quite tasty, widely available, and a cheap lunch or snack on the go, so we’re glad they have the below-mentioned options.

Vegan Food-Items at Gregg's:

  • Vegan Steak Bake (uses Quorn veg-meat)
  • Vegan Sausage Roll (uses Quorn veg-meat)
  • Vegan Baguette (Vegan fake-meat Quorn + Vegan Cheese violife)

The Veggie Breakfast Box Gregg’s offers unfortunately is not vegan-friendly as it contains eggs, so skip it and get one of the above options — personally we preferred the steak bake to the sausage roll, but both are okay.

Vegan Snacks & Desserts at Gregg's:

  • (Vegan) Glazed Ring Doughnut
  • Sweet Mince Pies
  • Southern Fried Potato Wedges
  • Thai Sweet Chilli Hand Cooked Crisps
  • Salt & Vinegar Crunchy Sticks
  • Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar Hand Cooked Crisps
  • Chilli Tortilla Chips
Personally my favorite “snack” item is the potato wedges, but that could just be because I have a little nostalgia from my childhood when it comes to those — but don’t get me wrong, Gregg’s Chips are quite good too, and their vegan donut isn’t bad by any means — although it doesn’t hold up compared to vegan donut shop donuts.

Vegan-Friendly Drinks at Gregg's:

  • Still Lemon & Lime Flavored Water (Sugar-Free)
  • Still Strawberry Water (Sugar-Free)
  • Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade (Sugar-Free)
  • Sparkling Cloudy Lemonade (Sugar-Free)
  • Sparkling Cherryade (Sugar-Free)
  • Sparkling Mango & Pineapple (Sugar-Free)
  • Orange Juice
  • Apple Juice
  • Americano
  • Green Tea
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Various Branded Sodas
  • Any Milk-based Coffee/Tea if swapped for Soymilk
Gregg’s is one of the few chain restaurants/cafe’s that sell coffee that provide non-dairy alternatives at absolutely no extra charge. This means if you order yourself a cappuccino or late you can swap the dairy out for Soy for the same price. Unfortunately they don’t have other non-dairy milks generally, however their soy is good enough in our opinion — it’s not gritty or weirdly flavored like some coffee shop soymilks, it’s just regular ol’ soymilk.