What Flavors of 5 Gum are Vegan? (2022)

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5 Gum Cobalt Vegan Flavor

5Gum is made by the same people who make Orbit, which also has many vegan flavors, and likewise 5Gum has many vegan flavors that I’ll list below.

Anyhow there’s some controversy about whether or not the Glycerol in 5Gum is Vegan, or if the gum base is non-vegan, and multiple other ingredient problems people have speculated about.

I contacted Wrigley’s to try to clear up this speculation and the response I got was pretty dang clear. They stated that all 5-Gum Products are currently Vegan and do not contain any animal products whatsoever.

They even specified some of the concerns I raised, such as the Glycerol issue, and they confirmed that all that speculation was in fact wrong. Their Gum’s are Vegan.

5 Gum Vegan Flavors:

  • Peppermint Cobalt
  • Spearmint Rain
  • Wintermint Ascent
  • Watermelon Prism
  • Strawberry Flood
  • RPM Mint
  • React 2.0 Mint
  • Respawn Cool Mint
  • Respawn Pomegranate Watermelon
  • Respawn Tropical Punch
  • Sweet Mint

As of now that’s all the flavors they have on the market as of early-2022, all of which are vegan.

If you come across a new flavor, it’s most likely vegan as well due to Wrigley’s Gum’s essentially always being Vegan, but let us know about it and we can check it out for you. Odds are if it doesn’t contain Gelatin or has a hard shell-like outside it’ll be vegan.

But Wrigley's contains artificial colors, aren't they non-vegan?

Many people have claimed this is why their gums are non-vegan, but it fails to acknowledge that by buying products that contain them you aren’t contributing to or supporting companies that did the animal testing. Those animal testing trials were done completely independently and artificial colors were largely already used in foods.

The question I’d ask you if you believe they’re non-vegan, does that mean other common ingredients, such as any artificial sweeteners, bread flour, sugar, and other such things are non-vegan simply because someone was heartless enough to test them on animals?

Of course not, what matters is not contributing to animal abuse and suffering, and just because some maniac tested something on animals doesn’t mean you’re supporting that individual or company by purchasing products that may also contain that ingredient.

  • Interested in other Gum Brands? – Check out what flavors of Trident and Orbit Gums are Vegan.

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