What Is Acetic Acid (E260) and Is It Vegan?

acetic acid (e260) chemical structure
Acetic Acid's Chemical Structure

Acetic Acid is a chemical compound also known as E260 and is found in Vinegar as well as various foods such as Vinegar-flavored chips. It’s Vegan Status is abundantly clear: It’s 100% Vegan.

The reason Acetic Acid, also known as E260, is vegan is because it’s quite simply just a very strong acid. It’s made from Fermenting, so while theoretically it may be possible to make it in a non-vegan way in practice it’s essentially always vegan.

An interesting thing about this chemical, E260/Acetic Acid, it’s so acidic that it can completely dissolve solid rock. It’s some nasty potent stuff. Even Vinegar is only a couple percent Acetic Acid.

Is E260 Dangerous to Consume?

While it’s a deadly toxic chemical when it’s in it’s refined pure form it’s completely harmless in food-products, as it’s in low enough doses that you won’t be burned alive by it. Just don’t go drinking a bottle of Vinegar.