What is Cellulose Gel and Is It Vegan? (2023)

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Cellulose Gel Molecular Structure

Cellulose Gel is a stabilizing agent used in many foods, supplements, pharmaceuticals, and even simple hair-care products, it’s generally made out of wood-fibers and other non-food fibrous plant matter.

Since only plants are Fibrous, and Cellulose is only found in plants, Cellulose Gel is 100% Vegan and 100% Halal.

Generally Cellulose Gel is made out of Wood but on occasion made out of very fibrous plant-wastes such as corn cobs, celery-fiber, corn-husk, banana leaves (in tropical countries), or various mixes of ‘biomass’ aka lots of plant material cleared from a large field or forest, although such methods of producing Cellulose Gel are much less common than simply extracting it from wood and other low-water content plants.

But What is Cellulose Gel?

Cellulose Gel is essentially a fancy way of saying Insoluble Fiber, as it’s simply a refined version of Insoluble fiber found in everyday fruits and vegetables. It’s not absorbable, but simply passed through your stomach into your intestine and out your other end.

Zero Calorie, entirely harmless, and arguably slightly beneficial for most folks. Cellulose Gel definitely isn’t bad for you, although it’s likely not largely beneficial as the amount you’ll get from various sources is likely to be minimal, outside of plant-foods that are in your diet of course.

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