Is cocoa butter vegan? Everything you should know – 2023

We all know (and strongly dislike) how milk powder is listed on almost every single package found on the shelves. But have you ever noticed the same with cocoa butter? And unlike the former, cocoa butter is not just found in edible products but also in toiletries, skincare, cosmetics, and much more. So, is Cocoa Butter vegan?

Cocoa might sound innocent enough, but the word butter seems to scare some vegans off, especially new ones to the given lifestyle. Fortunately for us, pure cocoa butter is not something we should avoid. Let’s see what this component is, what it’s used for, and if there is anything vegans should worry about.

Cocoa butter – what is it?

People have learned to automatically associate the world butter with cows and dairy. However, cocoa butter is something entirely different. Cocoa butter comes from cacao trees – the fermented seeds of the plants, to be exact. Cacao beans are harvested, dried, and roasted. Once that process is over, the natural fatty acids of cacao beans can be extracted. That oil, in a solid pale yellow-colored fat form at room temperature, is called cacao butter. The leftovers are used for cocoa powder.

Is cocoa butter vegan?

Knowing where – from cocoa beans – cocoa butter comes from, you can confidently tell that the famous ingredient is 100% vegan friendly. As the butter comes straight from cocoa beans and is not mixed with anything else, there is nothing to worry about when you see it written on a package label.

However, please be aware that while cocoa butter is safe to consume for vegans, it is often one of the many ingredients in products. Unless you’re buying pure cocoa butter. For example, the most common products that call for the given component are chocolate bars – and as we know, chocolate tends not to be vegan-friendly.

Although we are grateful for how easy it is to find vegan chocolate nowadays – worst case scenario, just grab a bar of dark chocolate. But we’ll never get tired of saying to always check the label!

Cocoa butter in cosmetics

I bet you have noticed that cocoa butter is not just an ingredient for chocolates and other sweets. Perhaps you have seen it listed on a label on your hair mask, moisturizer, or lip balm. So, why exactly is cocoa butter so popularly used in cosmetics?

Pure cocoa butter comes with a long list of health benefits for our skin. As the simple component is full of fatty acids, it acts as a brilliant moisturizer, hydrating the skin and giving it a layer of protection. This makes it a great choice for people with dry skin. And thanks to its simplicity and lack of additives, it is also safe for people with sensitive skin. Some people even believe that cocoa butter could help with stretch mark prevention. However, further research is needed on this.

Is vaseline cocoa butter vegan? What about Palmer’s cocoa butter lip balm?

If you see a cocoa butter body lotion or lip balms on the shelves, there is a big chance they are not pure cocoa butter and come with many other components. Let’s look at some beloved cocoa butter-based cosmetic products on the market and things to look out for as a vegan. 

vaseline not vegan

Is vaseline vegan?

Vaseline is not just a known name in America but all across the globe. Their line carries everything you could need – from hand creams and lotions to lip balms. While their cocoa butter products are free from any animal-based components, they are still a no-go for many stricter vegans for several reasons. The main ingredient in Vaseline products is petroleum jelly, which is made from fossil fuels – this is a red flag for people who live a vegan lifestyle for environmental reasons. Additionally, Vaseline is not certified vegan and cruelty-free.

vegan cocoa butter

But what about Palmer’s cocoa butter? The product is 100% vegan, but the issue again lies in the company ethics. Palmer’s is certainly not a vegan brand as many of its products contain animal-based ingredients such as lanolin and beeswax. Palmer’s has stated that they do not test on animals. However, even their vegan products are sold in China, a country where animal testing can be required by law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cocoa butter vegan? Certantly yes, so the organic is as well. Many people prefer to consume clean and organic ingredients. However, both organic and non-organic cocoa butter is vegan.

Unfortunately, Queen Helene cocoa butter products contain many more ingredients than just cocoa butter – one of them being lanolin. This makes those products no longer vegan.

Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion is free from animal-based ingredients, making it vegan. However, they sell their products to China, where animal testing is required.

Cocoa butter is vegan, and De la Cruz is pure cocoa butter and does not have any other ingredients in it. 100% vegan!

Cocoa powder comes from cocoa beans. With a good grinder, you can even make your homemade cocoa pawder from cocoa beans at home.

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