Is Coffee Vegan? – 2023

With the fast pace of life in our modern world, it is no wonder every second adult has a slight caffeine addiction. I know I sure do. But is coffe vegan? Going vegan would have been a lot more challenging for me if I had to give coffee up for it. Luckily, there was no need for that, and I still have at least two cups of coffee a day.

Essentially, all you need for coffee is some coffee beans and water. But if you have ever gone to Starbucks, you know a hundred other components can be thrown into your drink. So, while all coffee is vegan, not all coffee drinks are. 

Is Coffee Vegan? How it’s made?

Coffee beans come from coffee plants, and there is a long list of phases the beans go through before they are ready to be ground up for your morning cup of coffee. The fruits of coffee plants, called cherries, are harvested once ripe and go through sorting. Only then can the skin and pulp of the fruits be removed, leaving us with the seeds of the plant, coffee beans. But it doesn’t end there – the beans are then fermented, dried, and milled. Once the coffee beans finally get to a roastery, they get roasted. 

Since coffee comes straight from a plant and animals are not needed during any step of the process, it’s a safe kitchen staple for vegans. The same can’t be said about cocoa powder, which can sometimes contain animal-based ingredients. It’s no shock that vegans drink coffee.

Is all coffee vegan?

Knowing that coffee comes from the seed of a coffee plant, it is easy to understand how it’s vegan. I love a good v60 brew, but I also appreciate a flat white and an occasional frappuccino. That is where things get slightly more complicated. 

Black coffee is vegan, but that does not mean every other coffee drink is – many of them aren’t unless you make some slight modifications. You never have to ask the barista at your local coffee shop if their coffee beans are suitable for vegans. But always check the vegan status of any extras, such as coffee syrups and toppings, if you have a sweet tooth. And, of course, swap the dairy milk with a vegan alternative. Almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk are just a few options found in pretty much any cafe.

Is Coffee Mate creamer vegan?

is coffee vegan

If you can’t justify spending money on fancy coffee drinks every day and prefer to make a simple brew and pour some creamer in at home, you’re probably familiar with Coffee Mate. Coffee Mate’s dairy creamers are not fit for vegans. Even their lactose-free creamer is not dairy-free – it contains milk-derived protein whey. But the brand has a plant-based Natural Bliss line, offering vegan creamers.

Here are some of my other favorite coffee creamers I like to stock up on – all of them are free from animal products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coffee beans are naturally vegan-friendly. If you make your coffee drinks with plant milk and avoid animal-based additions, you can enjoy coffee on a vegan diet.

All Bones coffee beans are free from animal-derived ingredients, making them vegan.

Vegan coffee creamers are available on the market. However, traditional creamers are dairy-based.

Unfortunately, coffee liqueur seems unfit for a vegan diet – unless you make it yourself!

All coffee beans, including decaf beans, are vegan-friendly.

Coffee beans are naturally plant-based – Folgers’ beans are no different.

Coffee beans come with many taste profiles and are always vegan! However, if you get the hazelnut taste from syrup instead of beans, check if the sweetener is vegan-friendly.

Yes, Kamora liqueur is vegan-friendly!

As a vegan, you can order black coffee from Mcdonalds. Avoid milk-based drinks such as lattes or flat whites.

While some Nescafe products contain dairy, they also have options for vegans

PBR certainly has something for vegans. Have you tried their Hard Cold Brew?

Starbucks offers plenty of vegan drinks – you can read more about them here! The coffee itself is always vegan at Starbucks. However, remember to replace dairy milk with plant-based milk and opt out of non-vegan additions such as whipped cream.

Black coffee is made from coffee beans and water, making it safe for vegans!

The recipe for bulletproof coffee calls for butter (sometimes replaced with ghee). That makes the drink unfit for vegan folks.

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