Is Dave’s Killer Bread vegan? Let’s find out! – 2023

Dave’s Killer bread is a brand of organic whole grain products that has been on its bread-making journey since 2005. It all started at the Portland Farmers Market in Milwaukee Oregon when Dave Dahl’s nephew brought along some loaves of bread to sell which were an instant hit. He had learned to bake bread from his family and grew up in a bakery environment.

The special factor that makes this bread stand out from the crowd compared to other average loaves on the shelf is that it is packed with extra protein and whole-grain nutrition and is also certified organic making it a popular choice when changing over to a healthier bread option that still tastes great. 

Is Dave’s Killer Bread vegan?

According to the DKB website, I have some good news us:

All DKB bread products are vegan and don’t contain any animal products! 

We especially love the Whole Grains version, so maybe give it a try!

You might be asking yourself “Are Dave’s Killer Bread bagels vegan too?”. Well, we are in luck because they are also considered a vegan bread item too! Get ready to spread some vegan cream cheese on a warm toasted bagel and enjoy!

How about the English muffins? It turns out we’ve won the jackpot once again and they are in fact considered a vegan product.

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Now, if you have recently changed over to a vegan diet you may be thinking – of course! All bread is vegan right? Wrong. Unfortunately like a lot of products out there companies will add animal products that they may not need and you end up being responsible for checking each product for those sneaky non-plant-based ingredients.

If you’ve been following a vegan lifestyle for a while now we all know the disappointment and frustration that follows after bringing home a new product without checking the ingredients and assuming all is well, only to find once paying and arriving home that there’s a hidden animal product ingredient that was used.

The only items that they manufacture that aren’t considered vegan and you would need to steer clear of if following a plant-based diet are the snack bars because they contain organic honey

But when companies label or state that their products are vegan they are most likely only stating that they don’t contain meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. Whereas there are many controversial ingredients amongst the vegan community that will easily sway certain strict vegans in labeling a product safe to consume in their eyes.

There is of course the number one controversial ingredient which is sugar since animal-derived bone char is used to refine cane sugar before use, but DKB uses organic sugar cane instead of refined in their bread loaves which are considered vegan friendly.


So it looks like the vegans are safe with this one! Dave’s Killer Bread has produced not only a healthy, non-GMO, and certified organic bread range but a vegan one as well! Whether that was accidental or not we can’t tell but one thing’s for sure is I’m happy that there’s another great whole grain bread range available for us. So if you are searching for a healthy, organic, and protein-packed vegan bread alternative you can definitely turn to DKB to provide a tasty loaf for you to enjoy. 

Oh, and they also have cool recipes like the Vegan BLT on Rye – more brownie points to them! 

By now you may have had a quick hop over to the DKB website and seen all of the delicious whole grain options they have to offer and stumbled upon some of their other creations such as the bagels. 

Unfortunately, they haven’t released a gluten-free bread option yet to please the coeliacs as well but you never know what they may be working on for the future. According to the website “They’re trying!”

So there you have it, Dave’s Killer Bread is vegan and, well, killer! I highly recommend any plant-based eaters out there to try out a delicious loaf for yourself, indulge &  enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all DKB bread products are considered vegan and contain no animal products so they are safe to consume when following a vegan and plant-based diet.

Yes! Fortunately as stated by the DKB website, all of their bread products are considered vegan and contain no animal products.

Yes, even Dave’s Killer Bread English Muffins are considered vegan and can be enjoyed when following a plant-based diet.

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