What is E133 (Blue #1) and Is It Vegan? (2022)

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E133 Brilliant Blue Chemical Structure

E133 is a food additive used to colour various foods and drinks. Generally food colouring agents are vegan, but there exceptions. In the case of E133 however it’s entirely synthetic and vegan.

E133 is often referred to as “Brilliant Blue” because of the, well, brilliant blue color it gives to whatever it’s put in. In North America it’s often called Blue #1.

Is E133 Safe to Consume?

It’s not highly toxic or anything like that, and is widely accepted around the world as a food-additive that’s safe. There are a few countries that have banned it though, and some people may experience mild allergic reactions to it, so consuming a lot of it is definitely not recommended, however a little in your diet is likely to be non-impactful on your overall health.

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