What Is E171 and Is It Vegan? (2022)

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Titanium Dioxide E171 Chemical Structure

E171 is a food additive used for colouring certain foods/candies, including gums, cake frosting, and even Daiya Cheese. Generally it’s safe to assume E171 is Vegan, as it’s just Titanium bonded to Oxygen.

Neither Titanium Nor Oxygen is derived from animal products in the case of E171 (Titanium Dioxide).

E171 is 100% vegan.

Now that we know what E171 is, and that it’s vegan, the only other thing you really should know about it is whether it’s safe to consume or if it’s unsafe to consume.

Is E171 Safe to Consume?

It’s largely considered safe to consume, however many countries around the world are considering banning its use. In particular France has, as various “scientists” have found that the more E171 rats are exposed to the more pancreatic cancer they get.

I’d say it’s not worth avoiding, as there’s plenty of studies also suggesting it’s harmless, as well as there’s simply not enough evidence suggesting it’s dangerous to consume E171. If something has E171 in it what’s more relevant to health is what else it has in it.

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