What Is E575 and Is It Vegan? (2023)

E575 is a food additive used for many different reasons, including controlling PH, enhancing flavor, and ensuring proper consistency. Its Vegan status is pretty clear: It’s basically Vegan.

The reason E575 is basically Vegan is because it’s produced by exposing certain bacteria to sugar, and there’s nothing non-vegan about using bacteria nor having sugar.

However, I cannot say with 100% confidence that it’s entirely vegan, as theoretically the sugar used may have been refined with bone char, making it non-vegan, however there’s no way to really tell one way or another.

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So Should Vegans Avoid E575?

I would say it’s not something for a vegan to avoid, as it should be vegan, that is unless they used bleached sugars to produce it, which isn’t particularly likely, albeit not particularly unlikely either.

It’s a tough call, but in my opinion it’s in the same category as other should-be vegan products, such as apples, which often are covered in a bug-resin “to preserve freshness,” however may not always be covered in it. I wouldn’t condemn someone for buying apples that may or may not have it, and I wouldn’t if someone chose to consume E575.

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