What is Fumaric Acid and Is It Vegan?

Fumaric Acid Structure
Fumaric Acid Chemical Structure

Fumaric Acid is a food and drug additive that serves many purposes including flavoring, and balancing PH-levels in a product. Fumaric Acid is made from plant-sources, most commonly either done synthetically, or from apples, but also occasionally from other plant-sources.

Since Fumaric Acid is made exclusively from plant sources it is always vegan.

Fumaric Acid has been added to foods for many decades and is entirely safe to consume, as it’s present in many fruits and vegetables naturally and isn’t carcinogenic or anything of the sort.

Why is Fumaric Acid put into foods?

As briefly mentioned above it can be useful for balancing PH levels and changing the flavor slightly.

The benefit of balancing the PH is it can extend the shelf-life of many products drastically. This is because if you change the PH level of a product to a certain level you can make many food-borne illnesses unable to survive. It also has an effect on the flavor of a product, often taking off the bitter touch or “sting” of certain foods.