What Flavors of Hot Tamales Candy is Vegan?

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Hot Tamales Cinnamon Box

Hot Tamales Candy comes in many different flavors, however generally they contain a hidden non-vegan ingredient in them, so before you eat any make sure you check if they contain any of the following ingredients: confectioner’s glaze, shellac.

Unfortunately all flavors of Hot Tamales are currently non-vegan, as they all contain the above two non-vegan ingredients (Confectioners Glaze and/or Shellac).

Vegan Hot Tamales Candy Flavors:

  • None

Yeah, unfortunately all of them contain non-vegan ingredients.

That includes all the flavors, namely the original cinnamon flavor, tropical heat flavor, and the Fire & Ice Flavor. None of them are vegan due to containing Shellac and/or Confectioners Glaze.

What Makes Confectioners Glaze & Shellac non-vegan?

Well confectioners glaze contains Shellac, and Shellac is made by lac bugs. Since Shellac is made by lac bugs it’s non-vegan, as well that by default means it’s an animal product, and to produce it en-mass like it is produced it requires extreme exploitation/ enslavement /containment of the lac bugs, and their lives and well-being are generally not considered at all during any period of their life.

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