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One of the most challenging situations as a vegan is going out with your friends for dinner or lunch, especially if they decide to opt for a fast-food chain. Although the selection of meat burgers is often vast in these places, vegetarian and vegan patties are not as common. Fast-food chains such as Mcdonald’s, Subway, and Burger King now have a few vegan options such as salads and burgers, but what if your friends opt for a less popular chain? Today, we will discuss the vegan options available at In N Out Burger

In N Out Burger is an American fast-food chain based in most of the southwest and extremely popular in California. Founded in 1948 by Esther Snyder and Harry Snyder, this chain now has a few vegetarian and vegan options. But let’s explore all their products! 

Is In N Out Vegan? – vegan options

You may not have a whole vegan meal if you come to dine at In N Out Burger, but you will still have a few options to choose from. First on our list are the In N Out fries. According to the In N Out official website, the french fries served here are fried using exclusively sunflower oil. 

You can also choose to accompany your fries – at least it’s vegan here – with some tasty sauce. Unfortunately, the most popular spread at In N Out is made with mayonnaise and is therefore not suitable for vegans. However, there are other plant-based options such as mustard and ketchup. If you’re a strict vegan, however, you will have to double-check with the employees. In fact, they will most likely contain ingredients such as sugar, artificial flavors, and artificial colors. These are not always considered 100 percent vegan.

For instance, sugar is often manufactured using bone char, an ingredient made from ground cattle bone. Artificial colors and flavors are also debatable in the vegan community. In fact, they are often tested on animals, and, unless you contact the factory producing them, there’s no way of knowing whether they contain animal products or not.

Now that you have your fries and sauce, you may want to add a beverage. In N Out Burger offers a variety of soft drinks such as Coca-cola, 7up, as well as coffee and ice tea. 

Is There An In N Out Vegan Burger?

Technically speaking, no. In N Out Burger doesn’t have a vegan burger on its menu but, you can easily order a veggie burger and ask to remove the ingredients that are not vegan. Let us explain. 

The veggie burger at In N Out contains a variety of vegetables such as onions, lettuces, tomatoes, and pickles as well as a few sauces to add some extra taste. These include ketchup, mustard, and In N Out’s signature spread. This is where the problem arises. In fact, In N Out’s signature spread is mainly made with mayonnaise, a non-vegan product. However, for a vegan option, you can simply ask the employees to avoid this spread in your burger.

The In N Out Veggie Burger

In N Out also offers two vegetarian burgers. The first one is the veggie burger we just mentioned above, while the other one is the grilled cheeseburger. This contains onions, lettuce, tomatoes, the famous In n N Out spread, and two slices of American melted cheese.

As you may notice, despite being called a burger, these dishes do not contain any patty whatsoever and are rather made by adding veggies and sauces to freshly baked buns. This means that they may not be extremely fulfilling, for this reason, if you’re really hungry, you may want to add a side dish of fries. Better if you just go somewhere else for a tasty real vegan burger.

These are all the vegan and vegetarian options at In N Out burger. But let’s answer a few FAQs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! According to the In N Out menu, their fries are made using only sunflower oil and potatoes. This means that they don’t contain any animal products.

If you’re coming to eat at In N Out Burger, you can order french fries without worrying whether they are vegan or not. You can also opt for some sauce such as ketchup or mustard and enjoy a soft drink. Their options include Coca-cola, 7up, coffee, ice tea, and more. If you want to opt for a burger, you can also ask for the veggie burger without spread.

No, In N Out doesn’t have vegan burgers. However, you can order a veggie burger containing onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. Just make sure to ask the employees to avoid the In N Out’s signature spread as this contains mayo.

You have a few options to choose from! The In N Out fries are one hundred percent vegan and you can also choose a sauce such as ketchup and mustard as well as a soft drink. If you’re craving a burger, opt for the veggie burger but ask them to remove the spread containing mayo.

Yes! According to In N Out allergen menu, their buns are both egg-free and dairy-free.

No, unfortunately, In N Out’s signature spread is not vegan as it is mainly made of mayo.

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