Is San Pellegrino 100% Vegan? (2022)

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San Pallegrino Vegan Sparkling Soda

San Pellegrino is a Carbonated Sparkling Beverage or Soda that’s not like any other in my opinion, with a unique “freshness” that other carbonated drinks rarely ever have. Unfortunately health-wise it’s still just as bad as those other drinks, but on the plus side at first glance they appear to be vegan.

The problem is there’s been a lot of confusion on whether or not San Pellegrino is Vegan or not, as they’ve made many statements in the past saying otherwise, and it’s generally incredibly hard to find a straight answer on the question. I’ve got one for you, and myself now.

So is San Pellegrino Vegan?

Yes, San Pellegrino is Vegan.

While there’s been tons of controversy because of their statements on twitter and facebook in the past, as they’ve made strange statements like their beverages being “vegan-free,” not realizing that it’s an absurd response to whether or not their products are vegan or not…well essentially I’ve cleared it up.

I’ve got a response from them both in Email form, on Facebook, on Twitter, and from an alleged employee of theirs, all which say the same thing: San Pellegrino is 100% Vegan now. It’s not clear if it always was vegan or not, but it’s definitely vegan now.

What about the Fish-Filters!

They don’t use them now, I confirmed that with my sources and all of them said that they do not use fish-derivatives to filter any San Pellegrino branded beverages. Not all of them were clear whether or not they used them in the past or not, but I can safely say they haven’t used them for awhile now if they ever used them.

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