What is Stearic Acid and Is It Vegan? (2023)

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Stearic Acid Structure

Stearic Acid is commonly added to many foods, as well as personal products (such as shampoo), and while it can be Vegan it’s not always vegan. This is because it’s popular to source it from both animal fats, as well as from vegetable oils.

The only way to find out if the Stearic Acid in a particular product is vegan or not is to ask the manufacturer, or google if the product its self is vegan, as often time someone has already asked the company whether or not their Stearic Acid is Vegan. Often times you may find our website, as we often do exactly that!

But What Is Stearic Acid?

Stearic Acid is a fatty-acid that is used to stabilize various finished products and ensure they stay as they should, don’t separate much if at all, and in some cases reduce friction and make shampoos for example more slippery and easy to spread.

It’s either made from vegetable-oils, generally palm oil, or from animal-fats. In Asia Stearic Acid is almost always made from vegetable oils, in North America and Europe Stearic acid production is mixed between vegetable oils and animal-fat.

So is Stearic Acid Vegan?

In some cases it is, in some cases it isn’t, as mentioned before at the start of this article.

I’d recommend either contacting the manufacturer and asking them or searching the product online and whether or not it’s vegan, as often times someone has already asked the manufacturer and you’ll not have to bother doing so yourself.

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