Is Sudafed Vegan? (2022)

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Sudafed Vegan Sinus Relief

Sudafed isn’t the most common sinus-relief medicine, however it’s one that’s often more effective for certain people as it’s active-ingredients (medicine elements) are different than many other sinus medicines.

Thankfully essentially all Sudafed’s are vegan-friendly. There’s no animal products in most of their medicines, and the medicines weren’t tested on animals anytime lately (legally the active component had to have in the past, but this was long ago) but there’s no getting around that issue with medications.

The one exception to this seems to be Sudafed Sinus Max Strength, which contains Gelatin.

There’s some gray area in if buying sudafed is vegan-friendly due to their parent company Johnson & Johnson testing their products on animals, but we’ll cover that in the section below this one on alternatives to using name-brand sudafed.

What even is Sudafed?

Sudafed is also known by it’s generic active-ingredient (Pseudoephedrine-HCL), so if you’d like to be a super-vegan and avoid supporting Sudafed’s manufacturer, J&J, you can buy a generic variety instead. You may want to do this because J&J tests their new products on animals (partly because they’re required to, part because they want to) while generic manufacturers never conduct animal-testing.

Personally I’d recommend just buying a generic like Goodsense’s Generic Sudafed, as it’s made from the exact same stuff, it’s way cheaper than the name brand, and legally they have to be just as effective as the name brand.

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