Is Tequila Vegan-Friendly? (2022)

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Is Tequila Vegan Friendly

Tequila is made in just a few ways, so it’s relatively easy to figure out whether or not most Tequila is Vegan or not. After many hours of research it became abundantly clear that regardless of the way Tequila is made it’s always vegan.

With that being said, there’s many misconceptions about Tequila, and sometimes people mix up the alcohol with another one that isn’t vegan, so if someone talks about Tequila but isn’t actually a bartender they may not be talking about Tequila at all.

What Brands of Tequila are Vegan?

As mentioned above, essentially all Tequila is vegan-friendly, but specific popular brands of vegan-friendly tequila includes Patron brand (pictured above) and the 1800 silver brand.

But Tequila is essentially always vegan-friendly, so I wouldn’t worry if there’s another brand, as it almost certainly is vegan-friendly. The only thing you need to look out for is flavored tequilas, such as strawberry cream tequila, which is made by a few companies and generally is not vegan-friendly.

What about Tequila that has a worm in the bottle?

Real Tequila doesn’t ever have worms in it — however some cheaper alcohols and knock-offs that some bars use as replacements do contain a dead worm in the bottle, which sort of definitely makes them non-vegan.

But actual Tequila from most bars doesn’t contain worms and store-bought brand-name tequila never has worms in the process, be it in the bottle or during brewing. Tequila is traditionally always worm-free.

The only alcohol that would ever contain worms is mezcal; this Delish article will clear things up.

Are Margarita's Vegan-Friendly?

Margaritas are the most popular drink made of Tequila, and they’re essentially always vegan, much like the Tequila used in them. Some Margaritas are made with honey as a sweetener, so just make sure it’s not some fancy “lemon-honey” margarita and you should be good to go vegan-wise.

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