What is vegan at Jack In The Box?

There are several different plant-based, vegetarian and dairy free options on the Jack In the Box’s menu. However, cross contamination always will be a huge risk, since they do not use dedicated fryers for cruelty-free items. Regarding it, vegans can eat french fries, french toast sticks, hash-browns,  and Teriyaki bowls if you exclude chicken. Also, the fast-food restaurant tested an Impossible burger that is considered vegan at various locations, but it seems like it didn’t become permanent. As a vegan, you can drink many different soft drinks, however there is nothing extraordinary about it.

What are the vegan options on Jack In The Box’s menu?

You shouldn’t expect too many vegan options at Jack in The Box, on the other hand, at least you won’t starve to death. The main plant-based options are salads:

  • Side salad is vegan since it usually contains iceberg, lettuce, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, larrots, and grape tomatoes. Also, you have to exclude croutons (Wheat Caesar Croutons contain dairy) and you have to substitute the ranch dressing.
  • Jack’s Teriyaki Bowl can be vegan if you order it without chicken. You can ask for some extra vegetables, since it is nothing but plain rice with Teriyaki sauce.
  • French and Seasoned Curly Fries: Nothing extraordinary, seasoned fries cooked in vegetable oil such as Canola, palm and Soybean oil.
  • Potato Wedges: It comes with a little bit more spices and in other forms than regular french fries.
  • Hash Browns: Luckily, Jack in the Box doesn’t use dairy products to make hash browns.
  • Sauces: There are many varieties of vegan sauces in addition to the fries. Frank’s® RedHot® Buffalo Dipping Sauce, Fire Roasted Salsa, Sweet N’ Sour Dipping Sauce and Teriyaki Dipping Sauce are considered vegan according to the allergenic guidelines. There are some syrups and jams that are also vegan, but it doesn’t go well with the french fries and there is no any vegan breakfast item such as pancake.

Unfortunately, that’s all that Jack in The Box can offer for vegans since everything else contains meat, dairy or eggs. For example, onion rings contain dairy unlike Sonic’s onion ring.

Are Jack In The Box fries vegan?

Yes, the fries are considered vegan at Jack in the Box since they do not use any animal products to its seasoning and they cook it in vegetable oil. On the other hand, cross contamination is a huge risk, since they do not use separated friers. There are three vegan fries options at Jack in the Box: French, and curly fries and potato wedges.

Does Jack in the box have a veggie burger?

No, unfortunately Jack in the box doesn’t have any veggie burger, neither vegan or vegetarian since every burger comes with meat patties. In 2021, The restaurant chain tested the Impossible burger which was considered vegan and also there was vegan chicken sandwich at some locations in California, however none of them became permanent.

Is Jack in the box tacos vegan?

No, there is no vegan or vegetarian taco at Jack in the box and you can’t make one because there aren’t enough vegetables or other plant-based ingredients. If you are craving for vegan taco, I suggest you Del Taco where you choose from many different plant-based taco and other vegan items.

Where can you find Jack In The Box with vegan options?

There are more than 800 Jack in the Box restaurants in 21 different states where you can enjoy the mentioned vegan options. The company headquarters is located in California. In addition, the fast-food chain tested their new vegan items such as Impossible burger in the same state and Arizona. So if you would like to check out Jack in The Box best vegan items you should visit their restaurant in Needles (California), or Phoenix in Arizona.

What fast-food restaurants offer vegan options?

There are many other fast-food restaurants that have better vegan options than Jack in the box. Here are some similar restaurants that have better or at least the same amount of vegan options and there are fast-food restaurants that are worse than Jack.

What are the vegan options in McDonald’s?

To be honest, McDonald’s vegan offer is even worse  than Jack in the Box’s. You can find only a few vegan items on McDonald’s menu. You can enjoy the tasty Fruit & Maple Oatmeal, and the Side Salad at the restaurant chain, which is not much. The popular chain’s fries are not vegan, only vegetarian. However, at least Mcdonald’s has an accidental vegan dessert which is baked apple pie.

What are the vegan options in Carl’s Jr?

Carl’s Jr vegan offer is far better than Jack in the Box’s in my opinion. First, Carl’s also has two different vegan french fries and hash browns. In additional to this, the restaurant chain has Beyond meat burger called Beyond Famous Star* which is vegan if you exclude cheese and mayo. Furthermore, you can make your own vegan burger as well since there are many different plant-based toppings on the menu..

What are the vegan options in Burger King?

Burger King is also a better choice than Jack in the Box if you want to eat as a vegan. You can enjoy the famous Impossible™ Whopper at Burger King. Also, the french fries and the hash browns are plant-based.

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