Is Malic Acid Always 100% Vegan-Friendly? (2022)

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Malic Acid Vegan Chemical Structure

Malic Acid is listed on many packaged foods, but is also naturally occurring in many fruits and vegetables, but is Malic Acid always Vegan?

To put it simply — YES.

Malic Acid is always vegan-friendly as while it can technically be derived from animal-sources that recently ate vegetables/fruits, it is in practice literally never derived in such a way. If it’s in a packaged food it’s definitely from fruits like apples/cherries or blackberries — or more likely from one of the various vegetable-sources.

Is Malic Acid Safe or Healthy?

Malic Acid isn’t particularly healthy, but it’s definitely not unhealthy or unsafe to consume. You shouldn’t worry about consuming it in normal everyday cases, although I wouldn’t supplement it as you won’t get a real benefit from it in most cases.

With that being said you can have malic acid powder to use as a “seasoning” to make sweet treats sour or to make no-sugar drinks taste better.

What Even Is Malic Acid?

Malic Acid is simply an extracted compound from plants that give certain fruits/vegetables a sour taste.

Malic Acid is also known as E296 in Europe and many places outside of North America where they use a E-number system to categorize such food compounds as Malic Acid. In other words, like Malic Acid E296 is Always 100% Vegan Friendly.

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