NY State Fair Approves First-Ever Vegan Food Vendor (2022)

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New York State Fair Vegan

Back in 2014 the NY State fair announced their first vegan-friendly food vendor, which as of 2022 still was present at the fair, serving up Beyond Meat burgers and other vegan goodies we’ll mention below.

That first vendor is Strong Hearts Café, which was the fair’s first meatless eatery with multiple vegan options to choose from, although they primarily were always known for their milkshakes, and normally offered more than 40 flavors of them to choose from. They introduced a new flavor in celebration of being the first veg-friendly eatery at the fair, but since we’ve heard it’s not always available, but we’ve heard conflicting stories.

Now in 2022:

They’re still present at the fair, as mentioned above, with delicious vegan milkshakes, sandwiches, burgers, Salads, and a few other delicious munchies. Check out their facebook page for their latest menu and announcements from them about their presence at the fair coming up in 2022.

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