My 9 Favorite Vegan Kindle Cases (2023)

These are the nicest looking, and most functional vegan cases I’ve found online and personally encountered during my travels that’ll hopefully protect your Kindle from shattering into tiny pieces unexpectedly.

Do You Need A Vegan Kindle Case?

While you don’t NEED a kindle case at all, much like with a smart phone it’s a good idea to get one.

You could get lucky like I have been many times, dropping an unprotected phone over and over with no damage. You could also have it slip out of your hand and break from just a two feet drop from your lap to the floor.

I don’t know about your luck, but even being quite lucky in this regard I’ve been converted to having a case for everything. Especially my Kindle, which I fear can get scratched on the screen due to its relatively soft vulnerable screen-feel.

GopherHandmade’s Vegan Felt Cover

Gopher Handmade Kindle Paperwhite Cover Small Strap

I like this case because it’s simple, has a really nice feel to it, and is very unique as it’s the only one I’ve been able to find that has a felt-like texture to it.

Due to its soft material, and both the bend of the material and strap it comes with I can be sure with this case it won’t slide out or get scratched during transit.

You can get a more detailed look on Etsy by clicking here.

HelloJournalShop’s “Hippie” Case

HelloJournal Vegan Hippie Kindle Case

Alright, they don’t call it a “hippie” case, but I sure think it looks like one, and I say that as a tree-hugging anti-plastic folk-loving dirty vegan. I love this case because of how it looks.

Functionality wise it’ll protect from scratches, and should protect from your average tumble, so as long as you aren’t throwing your kindle around (literally) it’ll do just fine.

While it doesn’t have a strap it has the more typical snap-in locking mechanism to keep your Kindle firmly in place in the case.

You can check it out on etsy by clicking here.

Fintie Synthetic Leather/Fabric Duo

Fintie Folio Vegan Kindle Paperwhite Case

This is one of the few cases that I’ve found that have a synthetic leather that is actually synthetic leather and not just the company lying about it.

They have multiple looks to it, but most are pretty plain and I sort of like that. They’re built well and have good stitching and I’ve dropped my kindle in this case a number of times with no issue, but of course your mileage may vary.

You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

ElizabethDavidDesign’s World Map Case

Elizabeth Davids Vegan Travel Kindle Case

I don’t know, personally I’m quite into traveling, although as of now I have done little myself. I like the idea, what can I say. I like the look.

I included this case because it’s handmade by a lady who has a whole shop specifically about making covers for kindle’s and she does a really good job.

Not only does it have excellent stitching, and has a good fabric feel to it, but it also has strong edges in case you drop it. I couldn’t see a kindle breaking in one of these. My only complaint is if the case gets wet it’ll stay wet for a long time.

You can find it on Etsy by clicking here.

BluebirdHandmadeCase’s Plain Cover

Bluebird Vegan Kindle Cover

This one I like because it’s very different and thin, and does a very specific job of protecting from scratches on your kindle while taking the minimal amount of space up in your bag.

I wouldn’t get this case if you’re a little rough on your electronics as it doesn’t offer much protection from you dropping your kindle, especially because it offers none while your kindle is in-use. But if you’re traveling minimally and are someone who rarely if ever drops your devices, it could be for you.

You can find it on Etsy by clicking here.

Temdan “I like to read in the tub” Case

Kindle Temdan Case

I know a lot of folks do it, and I’ve done it before without a waterproof case, as I also listen to my phone in the shower without one.

But I really shouldn’t, at least without a case like this one. While most kindle’s are now technically waterproof you really shouldn’t expose them to water, especially submersion.

This case allows that. Drop your kindle in the water? Oops, who cares! Want to go read it under the sea (literally)? Go right ahead, it’s safe up to about 10 feet down underwater for an entire hour.

Since it’s waterproof it obviously will cover from scratches to the kindle screen as well, since it covers it, and it easily will protect from most falls/drops. My only complaint is it can cause a bit of screen glare in the sun.

You can buy it on Amazon by clicking here.

MoKo “I like to throw my kindle” Sleeve

MoKo Vegan Kindle Travel Kindle Case

This case is good for traveling and for people who just are abusive to a kindle when it’s not in use. It’s soft and plushie and will protect it from you tossing your kindle and it’ll “clean” your screen every time you take it in and out thanks to its soft plushie inside.

Like the other sleeve’s mentioned it’s useless when you’re using your kindle, however I know some people enjoy the slim raw-technology feel to having no case, and for those people I think this is a good case.

You can find it on Amazon by clicking here.

The Generic Amazon Kindle Case

My Vegan Kindle Paperwhite Case

You can’t really go wrong with this case. It’s vegan, it’s sturdy, and it was built by Amazon. They know how to protect their Kindle’s, so this is more than adequate, albeit not the most attractive looking in my opinion,

It has a decent feel to it, although it’s not soft or very fabric-like, but rather more rough, but not in a “I’m going to snag on your clothes” type of way. Just not soft. It feels “modern.”

I had one of these for many years and it was extremely durable. It’s not likable, but there’s nothing to complain about. The cold purely functional case.

You can buy it from Amazon by clicking here.

Leminimo Banana Leaf Budget Case

Banana Leaf Case

This is the only other Kindle case I found that uses vegan (synthetic) leather that’s actually synthetic and not just low-grade leather marketed as such.

It’s one of the cheapest in this guide, but with that price comes slightly lesser quality in my opinion.

While it does the trick of protecting your case, including from most drops, my experience with these cases is that the inside of the case begins to peel after a handful of months to a year. If that’s alright with you, by all means the case is perfectly fine, but personally it wouldn’t be my first choice.

You can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

So Which Vegan Kindle Case is Best For you?

Really what case you pick is up to you, personally I’d recommend getting the Temdan case that’s ultra-waterproof if you might go hiking with your kindle, or to the beach, or simply like to read in the tub.

If that’s not you I’d probably recommend Amazon’s Generic vegan kindle case or HelloJournal’s “hippie” case, as for most people I think they could use some protection on their kindle when using it.
Hello Journal has a ton of other designs for that case too you may prefer the look of, so if you want a pretty one I’d go with one from their shop.

If you don’t care for a pretty one, the Amazon case is a solid case that’ll work for everybody and last a long time. It’s just no-fun no-thrills simple and effective.

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