Vegan Sit-down Restaurant Guides:

Wahoos Fish Tacos Vegan Menu Options Logo

Everything Vegan at Wahoos (2022)

Wahoo’s has pretty good vegan options to choose from, including multiple types of beans, certain rices, guacamole, veggie toppings, and many other vegan items. Unfortunately

Pieology vegan logo

Pieology Vegan options in 2022

Offering a gluten-free and vegan pizza crust, plant-based sauces, loads of veggie toppings, and meat alternatives, there are many vegan options at Pieology.  Pieology has

blaze pizza vegan options logo

Blaze Pizza Vegan Options (2022)

These days it is not hard to find vegan pizza. You can find vegan-friendly options at Pizza Hut, Marco’s Pizza, and Cici’s Pizza, among many