Vegan Sit-down Restaurant Guides:

Schnitz Vegan Menu Options

Everything Vegan at Schnitz (2022)

Schnitz is an Australian Chain-Restaurant that sells pretty much one thing: Schnitzels. Of course they sell some other things, such as Chips, Rolls, Wraps, and

Marco's Pizza Vegan Options Logo

Everything Vegan at Marco’s Pizza (2022)

Marco’s has pretty good vegan pizza-options, including multiple crusts, tons of vegetable-toppings, some sides, and even a vegan-friendly dessert option! Despite Marco’s relatively good vegan

Wendy's Logo Vegan Options

Everything Vegan at Wendy’s (2022)

Wendy’s has quite a few great vegan options, including some salads, some great starchy sides, and of course some junk-food. They’ve yet to release a

Mellow Mushroom Vegan Options Logo

Everything Vegan at Mellow Mushroom (2022)

Mellow Mushroom has absolutely phenomenal Vegan Options, arguably the best in the pizza industry! The Vegan Options consistent of things like calzones, pizzas, salads, “hoagies,”