Vegan Sit-down Restaurant Guides:

Sizzler Vegan Options

Everything Vegan at Sizzler (2022)

Sizzler’s Vegan & Vegetarian Options vary greatly depending on the country/region the particular Sizzler is in, so their menus aren’t very consistent from location to

Waffle House Vegan Logo

Everything Vegan at Waffle House (2022)

Waffle House is one of the restaurants I thought there’d be absolutely nothing vegan at. It’s a country southern-cooking grease-loving nightmare, and as someone from

Culver’s Vegan Options

Culver’s Vegan Options – 2022

Culver’s is a fast-food restaurant chain that is super popular in the Midwest. It may offer a casual dining experience, but it doesn’t bring much

Red Rooster Logo

Everything Vegan at Red Rooster (2022)

Red Rooster is an Australian “Chicken” restaurant with few vegan options, especially for an Australian Restaurant. They do have a few vegan options, nothing spectacular,

Sweet Frog Toppings Vegan Options

Everything Vegan at Sweet Frog (2022)

Sweet Frog has tons of vegan-friendly sorbets and even some non-dairy frozen yogurt flavors that are vegan-friendly — however not all are always available at