Top 4 Vegan-Keto Cookbooks (Late-2021)

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The best cookbook is one you’ll use, I say this because I know many people who have bought kindle e-book recipe books and never use them as they simply forget about the book or they don’t want to have their kindle/tablet out while cooking.

Because of this I made sure not only are all the cookbooks in this article are written by and support vegan individuals if you choose to buy them, but that all of them are available in both digital as well as physical forms.

This is probably the first Keto-Vegan book you should get if you’re new to eating Keto as a Vegan as it covers all the basics of the diet/lifestyle, including how to make your own recipes and modify the ones in the book, shopping lists for the meal plans that are in the book, and much much more.

It includes plenty of recipes as well, but it just includes so much more than just recipes. It’s a giant book as a result, well over 200 pages, including around 40 to 50 recipes. You can get the book on Amazon by clicking here.

This cookbook has a ton of relatively simple vegan-friendly Keto recipes, and is quite a good value for it’s price due to the large amount of pretty good recipes — especially the desserts that I’ve tried out of it!

The only thing I have to gripe about it is it’s recipes include quite a couple uncommon “special” ingredients such as Glucomannan Powder, which you’ll need to buy if you want to really be able to use all the recipes in the book. But it’s not a big issue as they’re not expensive or hard to find.

Overall it’s a fantastic cookbook for cooking keto-vegan recipes, but if you’re new to eating a vegan ketogenic diet then it’s probably not as good as some of the other books in this article, as it lacks a lot of helpful information, and easily repeatable or foods that can be made in-bulk. It’s strictly a recipe book.

So if you’re already somewhat familiar with eating a vegan ketogenic diet, then this book would be a great addition to your kitchen. Otherwise, I’d probably recommend something a little more structured until you’re more familiar to eating a ketogenic vegan diet.

This book covers the basics of eating Keto-Vegan and making your own recipes out of basic essential recipes they have in the book (such as Keto-Vegan Veggie Burgers), includes helpful tips on what equipment and other goodies you’ll need to succeed on a Keto-Vegan diet, etc.

It’s not too much different than the first book in this article to be quite honest, however it has different recipes (albeit less), that are in my opinion easier to make and more sustainable to build the basis of your diet around.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re experienced eating keto-vegan and know all the basics, as that’s a significant portion of the book, but if you’re new to it it’s still a great option.

You can get it on Amazon by clicking here.

I put this book last as while it’s still a good cookbook for folks wanting to eat keto-vegan, and has plenty of recipes as well as other helpful information in it, I don’t think it’s the best choice for most people.

The reason being, it requires a ton of very specific often expensive ingredients that you’ll need to buy to make MOST of the recipes in the book. If you don’t mind doing that, the recipes I’ve tried out of it are quite nice and not too hard to make, it’s just they do require specific odd ingredients that you may not currently have in your kitchen.

Because of this I’d say one of the other books is likely a better choice unless you are extremely dedicated to the Keto diet and don’t mind having to buy some relatively expensive ingredients for the recipes in the book. If that’s fine with you go check it out on Amazon and feel it out.

Why Only 4 Vegan-Keto Cookbooks?

While there’s a handful of others on Amazon and other places online these are the only ones I’ve personally tried recipes out of and know people who can vouch for the books quality.

They’re also the only keto-vegan cookbooks written and sold by vegan people. I’d prefer to recommend products that give money to vegan entrepreneurs and writers than products that give it to just someone cashing in on a trend and aren’t vegan their self.

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