Top 7 Vegan Soccer Cleats (Late-2021)

We’ve searched around and found the top-rated best vegan soccer cleats, from budget-friendly shoes all the way up to near pro-level shoes, so regardless of your financial situation you should be able to get yourself a good vegan pair of soccer cleats with our help.

All of these shoes are made by companies that use Vegan-friendly glue to bind the soles/cleats to the upper, and all of them use exclusively synthetic materials. Those are the problems that often make soccer cleats non-vegan, and all of these soccer cleats don’t have that issue.

We also cover a couple kids soccer cleats at the end of the article, so if you’re looking for vegan-friendly ones for a child then skim down quite a bit to get to what’s relevant to you.

Mid-Priced Speed-Oriented Soccer Cleats:

Nike's Mens Superfly 6 Vegan Soccer Shoes

These shoes are designed to be much more “aggressive” in nature, so you’ll likely be able to get a slight edge in terms of speed, turn-rate, and traction, however your comfort will likely suffer to some degree.

The shoes are a bit narrow, but not significantly enough for regular-footed folks to have to worry. Generally I would advise folks to get the below (balanced) mid-range option over these, however if you’re alright with a little pain and aren’t using these to train but rather to perform, then these might be a great fit for you.

Click here to check them out on Amazon and get more insights from other folks on how they were/are for them.

Mid-Priced Over-all Balanced Vegan Soccer Shoes:

Nike Adult Men's Soccer Shoe Mercurial Vapor 12 Vegan

These are my personal favorite vegan-friendly soccer shoes; they aren’t too narrow, they have pretty good grip, they last a couple seasons (at least), their heel-lockdown is pretty good, and they’re comfortable to wear for many hours at a time.

These are the ones I’d recommend to most people, as they’ll give you more than enough performance to keep up with your team, while also enough comfort to not be in pain, while at the same time not draining your bank account.

If you want to go with my favorite then you can go through this link to Amazon and see if your size is currently available.

Vegan-Friendly Narrow Soccer Shoes:

Narrow Mercurial Vapor 13 Mens Vegan Soccer Shoes

These shoes are really not much different than the previous two (it’s a mid-range shoe too), with the exception that they are a bit more narrow and their upper is made out of a slicker material that won’t get dirty or wet as easily.

Over-all they’re a great shoe for most people, but if you have wild feet like I do they’re an absolute nightmare. This is because they’re quite a bit more narrow compared to all the other shoes mentioned in this article (other than kids shoes of course).

You can check them out more or buy them on Amazon by Clicking here.

Ultra-Budget Vegan Soccer Shoes:

These are exactly what I labeled them as: An Ultra-budget friendly vegan soccer shoe.

These won’t woo you; they’ll likely begin to fall apart after a single season, they don’t fit quite as nicely (they’re more like a tennis shoe with cleats vs a soccer shoe), and the heel-lockdown isn’t nearly as good as the other shoes mentioned here.

But hey, they are a great value, will last a season perfectly fine, and are 100% Vegan, so if you just want a cheap “beater” pair to use in bad conditions or just don’t care about having the best of the best, these could be good for you. Click here to check them out on Amazon.

High-End Performance-Oriented Vegan Soccer Shoe:

Adidas Predator 19 Premium Vegan Soccer Shoes

These are like the mid-range shoes but they’re a bit they fit a bit more like “a glove” and have slightly better heel-lockdown.

They also, from what I’ve seen and heard, generally hold up better than the mid-range options, even making it up to a few seasons without needing replacement.

Personally I don’t think it’s a must to upgrade to a higher-end vegan soccer shoe as the technology/performance benefit isn’t that much better than the mid-range options mentioned above. But hey, you can check it out on Amazon and decide for yourself.

Kids Mid-Range Vegan Soccer Shoe:

Nike Mercurial Vapor Kids Vegan Soccer Shoe

These are probably the best-bet in terms of value for performance and comfort for a kids vegan soccer shoe.

They’re relatively comfortable, aren’t too narrow, lock-in the heels relatively good when tied properly, and aren’t too expensive. There’s not really a cheaper vegan-friendly soccer shoe that’s any good from what I could find or have experience with, so hopefully this one is within your budget.

Check them out further and read more reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

Kids Premium Vegan Soccer Shoe:

Nike Kids Vegan Mercurial Vapor 13 Soccer Shoes

If you don’t mind paying a little bit more for your kids soccer shoe, this is one of the best ones on the market and it’s 100% Vegan.

It excels in pretty much every category from durability to having a “firm” grip to not having a loose heel, really there’s nothing to complain about with this shoe.

The only downside is it’s usually 25% -> 50% more expensive than the other more budget-friendly kids soccer shoe we mentioned above. You can check it out (or buy it) on Amazon by clicking here.

Already have Soccer Cleats?

If you already have a pair of soccer cleats, vegan or not, don’t throw them out if the upper is still in good condition.

You can usually replace the cleats/sole of soccer shoes with some replacement cleats like these, and they’re much cheaper than new shoes. So long as the upper is in good condition and the shoes fit you it’s generally a better idea to just renew the cleats part of your existing shoe rather than buy entirely new shoes.

Are there Vegan Soccer Cleats for Kids or Women?

We’ve covered two vegan soccer cleats for kids, both for big kids and little kids, above so there most definitely is vegan-friendly soccer cleats for kids.

As for vegan soccer cleats for women, all of the above-mentioned models of shoes that are linked have women versions with different colorways and sometimes smaller sizes; simply go to the amazon page for the specific shoe and type the name with “womens” if you want to see the alternative “female colors” of the shoe the manufacturer offers.

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