Everything Vegan at Wahoos (2023)

Wahoo’s has pretty good vegan options to choose from, including multiple types of beans, certain rices, guacamole, veggie toppings, and many other vegan items.

Unfortunately their regular white (wheat) tortillas are non-vegan as they contain milk products, so you’ll have to choose to opt for a corn tortilla or no tortilla at all.

While Wahoo’s has adequate vegan options that we’ll cover below, don’t be fooled into thinking they’re very great for vegans. They just so happen to have a few vegan-friendly options; it’s not somewhere that’s particularly vegan friendly. You just won’t go hungry at Wahoo’s as a vegan.

Vegan-Starters at Wahoo’s:

  • Chips & Guacamole
  • Chips & Salsa
  • Cajun French Fries

Technically Chips & Guacamole isn’t a menu-item at many wahoo’s locations, but if you ask if you could have it they’re always happy to give you some guacamole with your chips. Sometimes they won’t even charge you extra for it!

Wahoo’s Vegan Main Dishes:

  • Citrus-Slaw Corn Tacos w/ Tofu (No cheese or Aioli)
  • 1988 Corn Tacos w/ Tofu (Specify no Cheese)
  • Enchilada (No Cheese, with vegan sides listed below)
  • Banzai Bowl w/ Tofu and Vegan-sides (See below)
  • Protein Bowl w/ Tofu x2 and Vegan-friendly sides (See below)
  • Shredder’s Sandwich made with Tofu (Specify No Aioli)
  • Kale-Kai Salad with Tofu and Salsa for dressing
  • Wahoo’s Salad with Tofu and Salsa for dressing (Specify no Cheese)
  • Power Chopper Salad With Tofu and Salsa for dressing

Keep in mind the Protein Bowl is basically the same as the normal Banzai bowl, it just would have more “protein” (tofu) and some avocado on the side with citrus slaw instead of beans/rice. At a few Wahoo’s locations they also have sauteed spicy mushrooms; these are vegan and usually count as a “protein,” so if they have them at yours you could add them to the “protein bowl” with tofu without it costing any extra.

Personally my favorite vegan option at Wahoo’s is definitely the Banzai Bowl with tofu. If you don’t want to eat it like a burrito-bowl you can always order some corn tortillas on the side to go with it and make-your-own tacos.

Unfortunately for the salads Wahoo’s offers they do not offer a “real” vegan dressing to go with them. But you can use Guacamole or Salsa in the salad as a replacement.

But isn’t Wahoo’s Tofu Non-Vegan?

While many people have said this, I contacted Wahoo’s directly and asked many locations and I was told every single time that the tofu is always 100% vegan. They season and cook the tofu with a sauce that is vegan, but is also used for non-vegan things they make, which may have caused the confusion for other folks in the past. But at least now, the tofu at Wahoo’s is in fact 100% vegan.

Vegan-friendly sides at Wahoo’s:

  • Black Beans
  • Spicy Cajun-Seasoned White Beans
  • Brown Rice
  • Cajun Fries
  • Regular French-Fries
  • Spicy Sauteed Mushrooms (not all locations)
  • Banzai Vegetables
  • Chips
  • Guacamole
  • Salsa

Personally I prefer the seasoned white beans to the black beans, as while they’re both vegan the black beans aren’t very flavorful — at-least the few times I tried them. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, I still like them, but if I was eating them by spoon rather than in a tortilla I’d definitely prefer the Cajun-Seasoned White Beans to the black beans at Wahoo’s.

Just a heads up, the Onion rings at Wahoo’s are in fact non-vegan. Some people have reported that they were/are vegan, but they aren’t. The Onion rings at Wahoo’s contain dairy-products (milk).

Vegan Desserts at Wahoo’s:

  • None

Currently Wahoo’s doesn’t offer any vegan-friendly desserts or anything really that you could treat as a dessert (such as good fruit).

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