Everything Vegan at Sizzler (2023)

Sizzler’s Vegan & Vegetarian Options vary greatly depending on the country/region the particular Sizzler is in, so their menus aren’t very consistent from location to location.

This presents a problem for making a vegan-item only menu, so we’ll cover some of the basics of eating Vegan at Sizzler, but you’ll probably still need to ask the waiter/waitress or look up your local Sizzler’s menu before truly deciding if they’re a good option to eat at or not for you.

Sizzler Vegan Menu Options:

  • French Fries
  • Avocado
  • Most Breads & Buns (Ask, varies by location)
  • Steamed Vegetables (Request no butter)
  • Taco Shells
  • Baked Potato (Specify plain and without sourcream or butter)
  • An endless Salad bar with generally at least a vegan vinaigrette or low-fat dressing
  • Many fruits

It’s not too great, but you can generally make an alright meal, it just won’t be cost-effective or too tasty, but you can get by eating at Sizzler as a Vegan.

Sometimes they have vegan Pasta (plain red sauce with noodle), but it’s not too common so don’t count on it being at your local Sizzler. They may also have a vegan soup, but it’s very unlikely from what I’ve experienced and heard from other people.

What about Sizzler Locations Abroad?

If you’re traveling or living abroad, particularly to Thailand but also likely other countries soon, you can get Beyond Meat products at Sizzler as well, ranging from a burger, to a Beyond Sausage Chili dish, to a beyond steak, and sometimes even a few other vegan options, generally including all the ones mentioned above.

Hopefully Sizzler releases Beyond Meat at their locations in the USA as well, but currently it’s not available in the states.

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