Are Pop Rocks Vegan? (2023)

Everyone in the USA remembers having these sometimes as a kid, right? They were the one candy nobody really liked but everyone wanted simply because they were/are fun.

Unfortunately I have some bad news, Pop Rocks are NOT vegan. No flavors of Pop Rocks brand popping candy is vegan, nor are any of their other products vegan. That includes their newer products such as Pop Rocks Dips and Gum. They aren’t Vegan either.

Pop Rocks, to my genuine shock, contain Lactose (Milk), which I would have never thought of before I researched into them. Milk/Lactose obviously isn’t vegan, as it comes from cows, so Pop Rocks aren’t vegan.

Pop Rocks brand popping candy’s full ingredients are: Sugar, Lactose (Milk Sugar), Corn Syrup, Artificial Flavor, Artificial Colors.

If you want to experience them again there is a vegan version that’s sold on Amazon (click here to see them on Amazon) by a different company, but you’ll have to buy quite a few packs at once.  Great for parties, but for a single person…well I’m not that big of a fan of Pop Rocks to buy a whole case of them. It’s not too expensive though, so if you just want some nostalgia maybe it’s worth it for you.

Are All Pop Rocks brand items Non-Vegan?

Pop Rocks Non-vegan Dips

Yes, all of their products, including their newer ones such as Pop Rock’s Dips (lollipops) and gum, are not vegan. They aren’t vegan either as they contain Lactose (milk) as well.

What about Internationally?

All pop rocks are always non-vegan currently. They are produced in a variety of countries, including European countries, but regardless of the factory they’re produced in they still use the same recipe, which has lactose (milk) in it.

Is There a Vegan Version of Pop Rocks?


As I mentioned in the first section there is a vegan version made by another company that you can buy on Amazon by clicking here.

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