What Flavors of Dippin’ Dots Are Vegan? (2022)

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Dippin Dots Stand with Vegan Options

Dippin’ Dots is one of those things that you can only really find at special events or places, and to me that’s what makes them so unique.

Little balls of super-chilled ice cream isn’t that special, okay it may be, but when you have that at a hot carnival, now that’s special!

One good thing with Dippin’ Dots is that they introduced vegan “ice” flavors relatively early on, and had such success that they actually have tons of Vegan flavors now. In fact one of their vegan flavors, the rainbow ice one, sells better than any of their non-vegan flavors!

So What are all the Vegan Dippin' Dots Flavors?

  • Rainbow Ice
  • Liberty Ice
  • Black Ice
  • Sour Blue Razz (Raspberry)
  • Regular Blue Raspberry
  • Orange ice
  • Lemon Ice
  • Lime Ice
  • Strawberry Ice

Not every Dippin’ Dots location will have all the flavors, most will only have two to three of the above, but they all should have the Rainbow Ice flavor, which in my opinion is the best anyhow.

Vegan Pro-Tip:

If you are going to get Dippin’ Dots and they have two sizes, one fat “medium” size and one “large” skinny but tall size, get the medium even if it’s only $1 cheaper.

They hold the same amount of dippin’ dots, it’s all an optical illusion. They both hold about 250ml of liquid, and due to the way the dippin’ dots are shaped the medium actually has slightly more than the large!

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