Everything Vegan at Cicis Pizza (2021)

Cici’s Pizza isn’t my favorite pizza place, but it’s a place I’ve been many times as my father absolutely loves buffet’s. It’s cheap, you can eat as much as you want, and it allows everyone to get their own type of pizza with whatever toppings you want.

Almost everything at Cici’s can be vegan, and don’t fret when you get there and there’s cheese on every pizza. That’s (unfortunately) expected.

You can go up to the counter and ask one of the employees anytime to make a pizza for you. Just explain there or when you walk in that you can’t/don’t eat cheese and you’d like them to make a pizza for you.

All of the crusts at Cici’s Pizza are vegan as they contain no animal products whatsoever. This can be confirmed on their allergen statement here.

Their original red pizza sauce is vegan, as is their Ole sauce. The other sauces, including the pasta marinara sauce, contain milk in one form or another. So if you’re getting some pasta the sauce is not vegan that’s next to it, if you’d like sauce for it I’d suggest asking for some pizza sauce instead of using the sauce next to the pasta. If they question you just say it has dairy and you can’t have dairy. Simple.

As for toppings, they don’t have any vegan cheese or anything “special,” but they have most of the regular vegetables you’d think them to have. As for vegetables they have: red onions, pineapple bits, mushrooms, spinach, jalapenos, green olives, green peppers, diced tomatoes, black olives.

Cici’s typically has a salad bar, and that usually has cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and banana peppers. The salad bar of course has some lettuce too. The Croutons are unfortunately not vegan though. The Saltine Crackers are though!

At the salad bar the Lite ranch dressing and french dressing are vegan, all the others contain dairy or eggs.

All the desserts at Cici’s have milk in them, so none of them are vegan.

So How Does Cici’s Look for a Vegan?

  • Every crust is vegan: Flatbread, Round Dough (regular), and Deep Dish Dough are vegan
  • Light Ranch Dressing & French Dressing are vegan
  • Red Sauce (Pizza) and Ole Sauce are vegan
  • You can order as many just for you non-cheese pizzas as you want
  • Very Cheap and Large Quantity
  • Pasta noodles with pizza sauce (ask the workers)
  • The Pasta sauce next to the pasta is not vegan
  • None of the desserts are vegan nor can be made vegan
  • No vegan cheese, red bell peppers, white onions, or other popular toppings
  • Not the most nutritious nor tastiest pizza

Overall eating there isn’t bad if you enjoy salad, but personally not liking salad much I’m not a fan of Cici’s. Their crusts are all vegan however in my experience they aren’t the most flavorful, and their pizza sauce is quite bland, albeit palatable. If you’re hungry and/or want more than a couple slices of pizza I’d pick somewhere else, however in a social situation you can eat there just fine. It’s a shame they don’t have any Nooch/Nutritional yeast or something to yum things up a bit.

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