Everything Vegan at Golden Chick (2023)

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Golden chick’s another typical chicken restaurant with not too many vegan options. What they do have that’s vegan is accidentally vegan, of course, so their vegan menu is basically just side-options.

In my view they’re a worse option for vegans than basically any other “chicken” type restaurant as unlike other similar places (such as Bush’s Chicken) they do not (always) have corn as an option, and truth be told that’s the best option us Vegans really can get at these types of places.

Vegan Menu Options at Golden Chick:

  • Battered French Fries
  • Green Beans
  • Lettuce/Garden Salad (if they will make it without cheese or croutons as they both contain milk)
  • Fat-free Italian Dressing
  • Fruit Salad
  • Corn on the Cob

Unfortunately that’s all they have consistently that’s vegan. If they have corn on the cob you can get it without butter and it’d be vegan too, but apparently many locations do not have corn on the cob anymore and it’s taken off their official menu.

The fries are often fried in the same oil as some of their non-vegan sides, so if that bothers you that’s another one to take off the list.

So how does Golden Chick look for a Vegan?

Without corn on the cob it’s arguably one of the worst fast food options out there as basically everyone else has more options. It’s a shame even their mashed potatoes and dinner rolls contain eggs/milk, and even their fried jalapeno/okra does. If I had the misfortune of being dragged or invited to Golden Chick I’d probably just not eat, but I am a bit of a stickler.

I suppose if you’re out in the country on a road trip and run into a Golden Chick and want some fries, there you go. But otherwise you’d probably be better off going to a gas station for snacks.

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