Everything Vegan at Spaghetti Factory (2023)

Old Spaghetti Factories Vegan Options vary based on locations, however you should be able to expect them all to have at least these vegan menu items: Spaghetti with Mariana sauce, minestrone soup, and some sort of bread.

In some cases the breads aren’t vegan, however there’s always some vegan pasta and almost always minestrone soup, both of which are very good and can constitute a vegan meal.

The only worry for a Vegan at Old Spaghetti Factory is arguably the portion sizing, as it’s a more upscale type of restaurant many of us big-eater Vegans won’t be entirely satisfied with a single meal or plate of pasta.

Vegan Food-Options at The Old Spaghetti Factory:

  • Noodles with Mushroom Sauce
  • Noodles with Mariana (Pomodoro) Sauce
  • Minestrone Soup
  • Olive Tapenade (Use with bread if the bread is vegan)
  • Broccoli without any butter or cheese
  • Bread (Depends on location – Check)
  • Thai Noodle Curry (Not all locations)

Some locations have specific Vegan menus that will have more items than just the above, but you can expect the above to be present at nearly every Old Spaghetti Factory location. Generally you can add sauteed vegetables or mushrooms into your pasta, which makes it extra-tasty!

Vegan Drink Options at The Old Spaghetti Factory:

  • Many Sodas
  • Freshly Made Lemonades
  • Most Red Wines (Check Barnivore)
  • Most other Alcohol They Serve

Ultimately while their lemonades are quite good, none of their drinks are anything particularly special — although they’re not bad, they’re just, well, drinks.

Does the Old Spaghetti Factory have Vegan Bread?

As we mentioned at the start of this article, usually yes they do — however due to each location receiving bread from different local bakeries it may or not be vegan-friendly and you’ll have to ask to confirm at your local location — however generally they have a couple vegan-friendly breads.

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