Everything Vegan at Carls Jr & Hardees

Carls Jr Logo Vegan Options

Carls Jr has come a long way, they used to have nothing but some sides for us vegans, as they always had milk in their veggie patties.

But not anymore!

They introduced the beyond Famous Star burger on January 2nd 2019 and as it’s made with beyond meat patties it’s 100% Vegan so long as you order it without cheese or mayo.

Apparently they even have that special “carls jr” flavor to them.

Before I get into what exactly they have, I just want to acknowledge Carls Jr as I believe the first national chain (fast-food) restaurant in the USA to have a Vegan Burger. Great job lads!

Vegan Entrees at Carls Jr:

  • Beyond Famous Star (No Mayo, No Cheese)
  • Rice, Beans, & Chips Platter (No Cheese)

You can also get the “Guacamole Thickburger” without Santa Fe Sauce, without cheese, and on a seeded or “plain bun,” but that’s a lot of modifications to just get a vegetable-sandwich when there’s already a vegan patty on the menu.

Vegan Sides at Carls Jr:

  • French Fries
  • Criss-cut Waffle Fries
  • Hash browns
  • Cilantro-lime rice
  • Pinto Beans (specify no cheese)
  • Guacamole
  • Side salad (without cheese, croutons, or any dressing that is not Low-Fat Balsamic)

As many folks have asked, I just want to reaffirm that that’s all the Vegan options they have in terms of sides. The Fried Zucchini has battering that contains milk, so they aren’t Vegan. Their Onion Rings are also non-vegan as they also contain milk.

Vegan Breads/Buns at Carls Jr:

  • Flour Tortilla
  • Seeded Bun
  • Plain Bun

Their “Fresh Baked Bun” typically contains dairy, and their Honey-wheat bun does in-fact contain honey, so it’s not vegan.

Their Biscuits also aren’t vegan as they contain milk.

So how is Carls Jr for a Vegan?

They don’t have a great breakfast, but they do have a few options, but really where they shine is lunch & dinner time.

I mean what other fast-food restaurant has a Vegan burger?

Sure not all of us are into burgers, I never was even back when I wasn’t vegan, but even if you aren’t they have decent beans and rice and some pretty alright sides in my opinion.

I definitely wouldn’t be complaining if someone wanted to go to Carls Jr, hell I may even recommend it now!