Is Dubble Bubble Gum Vegan? (2022)

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Double Bubble Vegan Gum

Dubble Bubble is a formerly super-popular Candy-like Gum that has been around since the early 1900s, but in recent years their popularity has shrunk big-time. Which sucks, because I think their gum is pretty unique and quite delicious.

You may have guessed it through that sentence above, so I’ll just spit it out. Yes Dubble Bubble Gum is Vegan…well some dubble bubble is vegan.

Those little wrapped Dubble Bubbles, that you’re probably interested in knowing about (see which ones I’m talking about here) are vegan.

The ingredients in those twist-wrapped classic Dubble-Bubble Gums is the following:

 Sugar, Dextrose, Corn Syrup, Gum Base, Tapioca Dextrin, Titanium Dioxide, Confectioner’s Glaze, Carnauba Wax, Corn Starch, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Colors, (FD&C Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 3), and BHT (to maintain freshness).

But what Dubble Bubble Products are Non-Vegan?

If you weren’t talking about those squishy Dubble Bubble Gums, the ones pictured above, then I have bad news for you. Outside of those, Dubble Bubble products generally are non-vegan as they usually contain Shellac (in the form of confectioners glaze), which isn’t vegan at all. An example of this being Dubble Bubble’s Gum-balls, all of them contain Confectioners Glaze, and thus Shellac, and thus they aren’t vegan.

Essentially if the Dubble Bubble product has anything else in it but gum or has a smooth shell-like outside then it’s not Vegan.

If it’s a soft twist-wrapped Gum, regardless of flavor, it should be Vegan.

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