Is Fanta Vegan-Friendly? (2023)

Fanta Soda comes in 16 different flavors, although only a few are widely available, and only one is the true Fanta Soda, the Orange flavor of course. If you’re not from the USA or the UK you may only be familiar with the Orange Flavor, as the others aren’t very common even in the USA or UK.

The real issue is Fanta may use non-vegan Sugar, as none of the other ingredients in Fanta can really even potentially be non-vegan.

Thankfully, at least in this aspect, Fanta is produced by a mega-giant of a company called Coca Cola, and thus it’s relatively easy to contact them and confirm with them whether or not their sugar and other ingredients are in fact vegan.

So Which Flavors of Fanta are Vegan?

  • All of them

What a dramatic list of one! You read that right, they’re all vegan!

Coca Cola uses Vegan sugar in all the Fanta Products, as well as almost all of their other products, albeit not quite all of them. But as far as Fanta goes, they’re 100% Vegan, all 16 different flavors.

What about the Diet Flavors!?

As many people wonder, as they rightfully should as many companies make silly decisions to include animal products needlessly and sneak them into strange places, I’ll confirm this for you: All Fanta Flavors and Varieties are Vegan. That includes the diet ones.

What about in (X) Country?

In all countries, from the UK, to the USA, to Australia, to little Nepal, Fanta should be vegan there. Regardless of the country it’s produced by Coca Cola, and they have very good supply chains and keep things identical no matter where they are in the world.

Not to mention in developing countries they usually don’t have the bone-char issue with Sugar that may make it non-vegan.

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