What Brands of Maple Syrup are Vegan?

Vegan Maple Syrup Brands

With all the brands of Maple Syrup available on the Market, which are Vegan-Friendly? Most Maple Syrup’s are Vegan-Friendly, however some aren’t due to containing honey or other non-vegan ingredients.

Due to not all Maple Syrups being Vegan-Friendly we compiled a list below of which ones are vegan-friendly and some extra information on how you can figure out if a specific one is vegan-friendly or not if it’s not included in the list below.

We’ll cover all the Syrup’s pictured above and more – including both real maple syrups and “fake” maple syrups, as not everyone can afford the real stuff and many people — such as my grandma — prefer the “fake” syrups!

Vegan Maple Syrup Brands:

  • Log Cabin Maple Syrup (All-Natural, Light, Original, and Sugar-Free)
  • Mrs. Buttersworth (Light, Original, and Sugar-Free)
  • Aunt Jemima (Original, Sugar-Free, Light, Butter, Butter-Lite, Country Rich)
  • Hungry Jack (Original, Sugar-Free, Light, Butter, Cinnamon Brown-Sugar)
  • H-E-B/Kroger Generic Maple Syrup (Original/Sugar-Free)
  • Great Value (Walmart) Pure Maple Syrup
  • Abbie’s Pancake Syrup (Classic)
  • Maple Grove Farms Syrup’s (All Maple Syrups and Pancake Syrups)
  • Butternut Mountain Farm’s Syrup’s
  • Eggo Syrup (Original)
  • Kirkland Maple Syrup (Original)
  • Wholesome Maple Syrup (All Varieties)
There’s plenty of other Vegan Maple Syrup’s out there, but these are the most popular ones. You most definitely can find at least a few of them at your local grocery store, but on the off-chance you can’t read more below on how to tell if the maple syrup you’re looking at is Vegan or not.

What Could Make A Maple Syrup Non-Vegan?

While there’s some small things that theoretically could — like mass deforestation for maple forest plantations — these things just aren’t happening really at all. Maple Syrup isn’t in that kind of demand, and fake-maple syrup (pancake syrup) doesn’t even come from trees!

So what actually makes some Maple Syrup’s and Pancake Syrup’s non-vegan?

The only reason a Pancake Syrup or Maple Syrup wouldn’t reasonably be vegan is because it contains honey in it, or because it contains milk-derived “butter flavor.” Some that include “butter” in their name are vegan-friendly still, but others apparently aren’t, so if the one you’re looking at isn’t listed above but says “butter” I’d probably just pass on it and buy a different one, and if it says “honey” I’d definitely give it a pass, as those seem to always contain real honey (although sometimes hidden in “natural flavors.”

But at the same time it’s extremely unlikely to actually have dairy flavoring in it, and if it did it’d be literally <0.1% of the product, so if you’re at your grandmas house right now and that’s all she has, then there’s no real harm in using a little. Veganism is about practicality and reducing harm; not avoiding what-if unlikely maybe’s.