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Vegan Sit-down Restaurants

You can find pretty much all Chain-Restaurants in here and their full and compiled their vegan-menu menus.

cruelty free reviews eating out November 9, 2021

Vegan Fast-food Restaurant

Almost every fast-food and coffee shop chain in the world is listed in here with their vegan-menu options.

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You can find the most popular restaurants in different food categories here; if you’re interested in our latest restaurant guides scroll down past this section to see each and every restaurant we’ve researched and compiled a list of vegan-friendly options for.

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Due to us having well over 100 guides it’ll be simpler to search for the restaurant you’re looking for above, or related-terms such as “pizza” or “dough” to find pizza restaurants, or “pretzel” to find places you can get a vegan-friendly pretzel from.

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