Everything Vegan at Cold Stone Creamery

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Cold Stone Creamery is one of if not the most popular ice cream chain’s in North America and sell a wide variety of flavors, but are any of their ice creams vegan?

Unfortunately, all of the ice cream’s at Cold Stone Creamery contain milk, and some also contain eggs, so none of their ice creams are vegan.

Their sorbets however are ALL vegan!

The sorbet’s they currently have are: Pink lemonade, strawberry, orange, peach mango, pineapple, pineapple orange banana, raspberry, strawberry, strawberry lemonade, strawberry mango banana, watermelon, lemon, and mojito sorbet.

All they contain is sugar, some vegan food coloring, cornstarch, sugar, and some basic preservatives, nothing strange and everything vegan.

They also have Yogurt, but they always contain milk currently.

Typically they don’t have every flavor of Sorbet in every shop, but rather they have just a few and in some (rare) cases only one. Generally if they have only one or two it’ll be some boring flavor everyone can like though, like lemon or strawberry.

Cones, Toppings, and Mix-ins

Non-Vegan Cold Stone Vegan Waffle Cones

Other than their Sorbets they don’t have much else vegan.

Their Waffle cones, both bowl and actual cone variety, contain milk so you’ll be stuck with either a sugar-cone or a bowl. Personally I don’t like sorbet’s in a cone and think it in a sugar-cone would be strange, but hey, whatever floats your veggie boat!

As for toppings they have quite a few, all of the candies contain milk, shellac, or gelatin though.

Their other toppings or “mix-ins” are largely non-vegan, but the vegan ones are the Golden Oreo’s and the original Oreo’s, however the Pie crusts may or may not contain whey (milk), as it depends, so I’d just get Oreo’s and crumble them instead as it’s basically the same thing in my opinion. The pretzels and peanut butter are also vegan, but everything else contains either milk or Shellac (egg-coating).

All their fruit and nuts are vegan, no strange stuff going on there.

They also have cinnamon, which is obviously vegan,  but all the other final toppings like fudge or caramel contain milk.

Cakes, Pies, Cupcakes, Cookie Sandwiches, Deserts, and Sundaes.

Non-Vegan Cold Stone Cakes

Cold Stone’s cakes are never vegan as they all contain milk and eggs, and even their frosting contain milk.

Cold Stones cupcakes all, like their cakes, contain milk and eggs.

Cold Stones Cookie Sandwiches also contain milk and eggs in them, as do their desserts.

Their Sundaes all contain milk, however not all contain eggs, but none the less none of them are vegan.

There is one more vegan item at Cold Stone though!
They have Mango Juice at most locations that is vegan as well, which I’ve never had from them, but if it’s anything like every other mango I’ve had it’s delicious.

So what is Vegan and what isn't?

So How does Cold Stone Stack up for a Vegan?

Overall they’re alright since they have sorbet’s, mango juice, and a few accessories. At least have some vegan options as some ice cream parlors don’t. They are by far not the best one though, as Ben and Jerry’s has Vegan ice cream in nearly every single store they have, even international stores.