What is E160a and Is It Vegan? (2023)

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Carotene e160a Primary Source Carrots

E160A is an artificial food additive that’s derived from multiple organic sources, generally ones that are orange or yellow. In some cases it can can come from other plant-source.

The good news is e160a is always vegan, as it’s produced exclusively from plants. It can be found in animal products either due to animals eating plants, or because it was added synthetically, but it’s not possible for an animal to produce it and it’s never extracted from animal products.

E160a is most commonly derived from carrots, which are pictured above, but also in some circumstances they source it from things such as orange peels or cantaloupe, it’s just incredibly rare.

What is e160a?

As explained above, it’s derived from carrots and other fruits/vegetables. More specifically it’s an extract from them that makes them the color they are, and it’s used to color certain foods or products.

It’s completely harmless to consume, and is actually good for you, although in the concentrations products that have e160a in isn’t enough to impact your health positively. If you want to include more e160a, also known as carotene in your diet, then you should eat some carrots! They’re not only really healthy, but also available very cheaply almost everywhere in the world.

Is e160a Vegan?

Yes, as covered above e160a is always vegan-friendly and is perfectly safe to consume; it’s basically a natural colouring agent.

Is e160a Halal?

Yes, as covered above e160a would be Halal as the only slaughter involved are of carrots — all vegan-friendly things are Halal-friendly, so e160a is Halal as well as vegan-friendly. 

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