What is E500 and Is It Vegan? (2023)

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e500 vegan bag

E500 is a food additive that’s used as a raising agent & anti-caking agent in various bread products, generally it’s sourced from one of two sources both of which are 100% Vegan.

These two sources being seaweed and/or salt & other natural minerals that are often deposited nearby salt.

So What is E500?

E500 encompasses many ingredients, all of which are vegan. The most common of these ingredients is sodium bicarbonate (pictured above), which is the main ingredient in baking soda. Often it’s the only ingredient.

Is it Safe to Consume E500?

Yes, while it’s an ingredient that has little nutritional value and contains huge amounts of sodium, it’s otherwise completely harmless. Just make sure you’re keeping your sodium intake within a healthy range if you eat a lot of foods with E500, baking soda, or Sodium Bicarbonate in them.

Is E500 Vegan?

Yes, E500 is 100% vegan. As mentioned above it’s just an anti-caking/raising agent that is made of salt and some minerals, nothing from animal origin.

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