Everything Vegan at Pappadeaux (2023)

Pappadeaux isn’t very upfront about their vegan options, and their locations sometimes make things differently, so their vegan options are extremely limited.

I’d recommend avoiding going to this restaurant entirely, as it’s pretty much impossible to get a good vegan meal at one of their restaurants, at least unless both the wait-staff and cook have sympathy for you and know vegans their self.

Potential Vegan Items at Pappadeaux:

  • Greek Salad (No Cheese, No Meat)
  • Plain Baked Potato no butter or sourcream
  • Steamed Broccoli without butter
  • Boiled Pasta Noodles

You can potentially get pasta sauce with vegetables for the noodles, however it’s extremely inconsistent and from what I’ve heard often times people at the same restaurant say there is or isn’t butter in the sauce during the same visit and contradict their self.

I wouldn’t recommend bothering with it, I’d just stick to a baked potato to satisfy your hunger, maybe two, and get through the eating occasion if you must and eat somewhere or something more later.

Is (X) Vegan at Pappadeaux?


If it’s not above, and it’s not a drink, it’s not vegan and can’t be made vegan unless you have a wizard of a chef and wait-staff that has pity for you. The onion rings aren’t vegan, the mashed potatoes aren’t vegan, often the asparagus and other vegetables are soaked in butter apparently and thus often can’t be made vegan, the squash (according to my local Pappadeaux) can’t be cooked without butter…it’s just really a nightmare for us vegans. Order a baked potato while specifying no butter at least twice, and no sour cream, just the potato, and just eat that. That’s your best bet.

That’s really it?

Yes, that’s it.

We contacted the Pappadeaux and they couldn’t even tell us any more information than to ask the server you have if they can do anything for you, which to me really shows just quite how hard it is to find vegan food at their restaurants. They’re probably the worst restaurant for vegans to be stuck eating at, and that’s saying a lot when there’s places like Red Lobster (another sea-food place) and Golden Corral.

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