Everything Vegan at Saladworks (2023)

While I rarely ever get Salads, as to me they’re normally just not very interesting, Saladworks and other “salad places” like Sweet Tomatoes do salads right. They have tons of vegan options, dressings, toppings, and best of all even some bread or vegan soup/stew to have along with your salad. Even if you aren’t big on Salads, give Saladworks a try, they’re really great for vegans and first-time Salad-eaters.

Build-Your-Own Vegan Salad/Grain Bowl at Saladworks:

  • Choose Your Base – Baby Spring Mix, Fresh Spinach, or Romaine/Icerberg Lettuce Blend, Super Grains Blend
  • Choose Your Toppings – Avocado, Pepperoncini (Yellow Peppers), Broccoli, Carrots, Chickpeas, Corn, Cucumbers, Edamame, Grape Tomatoes, Mandarin Oranges, Mushrooms, Olives, Onions, Roasted Red Peppers, Sliced Apples, and tomatoes.
  • Choose Your Proteins – Baked Tofu, Hummus
  • Choose Your Premium (Free) Toppings – Chow Mein Noodles, Dried Cranberries, Glazed Pecans, Sunflower Seeds, Tortilla Chips, and Walnuts.
  • Choose Your Vegan Dressing – Apple Cider Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Classic French Dressing, Fat-free Balasamic Vinaigrette, Italian Vinaigrette, Lite Raspberry Vinaigrette, and Oriental Sesame Dressing.

The Croutons at Saladworks aren’t vegan, so don’t count those into your salad. You don’t need them with all those great vegan toppings & dressings anyhow. Choose the (dry) chowmein noodles, glazed pecans, or walnuts to get some crunch in your salad. Some locations may also have falafel, but it’s rare, so don’t count on it being a menu item (why it’s not listed above).
If you don’t want to build-your-own vegan salad you can also order the greek salad without feta (cheese) and it’ll be vegan with ease.

Vegan Soup Options at Saladworks:

  • Spring Vegetable Soup
  • Three-bean Chili

These are pretty good on their own, but are really good with some of the fresh (often warm) bread Saladworks has to offer.

Vegan Bread Options at Saladworks:

  • Wheat Rolls
  • White Rolls
  • Wheat Focaccia
  • White Focaccia
  • Sourdough Loaf
  • White Flour Tortillas
  • Whole-Wheat Flour Tortillas

Some of the breads may not be available at the day/time you go to your local Saladworks, but at least a couple of them will be, and they’re all pretty good, so don’t worry about not having some vegan bread to eat.

Vegan Sandwiches at Saladworks:

  • Avocado BLT (No Bacon, substitute for roasted red bell peppers and onions from salad toppings)
  • Grilled Caprese Panini (Without Garlic Sauce, Cheese, or Kale Pesto)

I’d recommend getting salad or soup & bread over a sandwich, but as I always say, you can never go wrong with an avocado sandwich. No wonder, that’s the only reasonable option at Starbucks. They’re great.

Vegan Dessert Options at Saladworks:

  • None

There’s no real vegan dessert options at Saladworks. They have some fruit, such as mandarin oranges, which you may be able to request to have as a dessert, but truthfully there’s no “real” vegan dessert options at Saladworks.

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