Everything Vegan at Yoshinoya Japanese (2022)

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Yoshinoya has pretty bad vegan options at most of their locations, however generally there’s a single vegan-friendly option that’s decent available at most locations.

Generally there’s better vegan options elsewhere nearby Yoshinoya locations, both in the USA, Canada, and around the world — but if others are eating at Yoshinoya or you’re just in the mood for some steamed vegetables and white rice, as that’s pretty much the extent of Yoshinoya’s Vegan Menu.

Vegan Food Options at Yoshinoya:

  • Steamed Vegetable Rice Bowl
  • Steamed Vegetables
  • White Rice
  • Spring Rolls (2pc/4pc)
  • Teriyaki Sauce
  • Soy Sauce
Unfortunately that’s all the vegan-friendly options Yoshinoya has — pretty much just some mixed vegetables, rice, and Spring rolls. Some international locations in Asia have a few other options, however all around the world should have the above.
It’s nothing exciting, but rice, steamed vegetables, and a few spring rolls is pretty decent — although not great for dinner in my opinion, it’s a suitable lunch.

Vegan Drinks at Yoshinoya:

  • Various Local Sodas
  • Teas (International Locations)

Really it’s a fast-food place, the drinks they have are generic drinks that other fast-food places — nothing special or unique here.

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