Everything Vegan at Manchu Wok (2022)

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Manchu Wok is a popular American-style Chinese Restaurant that’s generally located inside of malls and has similar options to places like Panda Express.

Unfortunately much like those other places Manchu Wok isn’t very vegan friendly and have no vegan specific options, and as their food is already made when you arrive there’s little chance they’ll accommodate and not add in something such as Eggs to a dish.

As a result you only have a few options if you’re Vegan.

Vegan Menu Options at Manchu Wok:

  • Steamed white rice
  • Mixed Vegetables (Broccoli with a few baby-corn/carrot)
  • Vegan Chicken (Only available at some locations in Canada, not all)
As you can see there’s very little there, and if you’re at the mall there’s probably a place with more options there. But hey, white rice is cheap and can be used to bulk-up other food from the food court or as a snack if you’re into that like I am.

So how does Manchu Wok look for a Vegan?

Overall it’s not really a place you can make a meal out of, and they don’t have anything really nutritious there for you, but they at least have something that’ll give you some calories and bulk to make it to your next meal if you don’t have another option.

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