Is Irn Bru Vegan? (All 5 Types/Varieties Checked) (2022)

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Irn Bru Vegan Example Iron Brew UK

Irn Bru is a pretty standard Soda, however one that is particularly popular in the UK and Scotland. It’s not quite like any other, however it’s somewhat similar to an Orange-Soda, with a hint of lemon or some other citrus-y thing to it.

It comes in five different varieties, including the Traditional Recipe (pictured above), the Xtra Flavor lower-calorie variety, the sugar-free 0 calorie variety, and two energy-drink styles, namely the regular and sugar-free ones.

Which IRN BRU varieties are Vegan?

  • Traditional
  • Xtra Flavor Low-Sugar
  • Sugar Free
  • Traditional Energy
  • Sugar-free Energy
  • 1901

In other words, all Irn Bru Flavors are currently vegan right now. None of them should contain any animal products according to the company, and their ingredient lists. Irn Bru is 100% Vegan & Vegetarian.

What about the Taurine?

While Irn Bru’s energy drinks contain Taurine they apparently do not use Animal-derived Taurine; which isn’t hard to believe considering their parent company seems to exclusively use synthetic Taurine in their products.

Is Irn Bru Good For You?

Not particularly, although it’s better than many other sodas which have more garbage in them; however to say it’s good for you is absurd. It’s just processed carbonated sugar-water or chemical-water in the case of their diet products. That doesn’t mean you should avoid it as if it’s the plague, just don’t delude yourself into thinking it’s a good thing to drink an entire 8-pack of Irn Bru in one day.

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