Is creamy mash vegan at KFC?

Creamy mash or often called mashed potatoes is a type of side dish that can be ordered at KFC. There are two types of creamy mash at KFC: Regular creamy mash and Large creamy mash. The only difference between them is the size. None of them are vegan friendly. As they contain milk and are presented in the products. It can be used for a vegetarian diet, since it is allowed for vegetarians to have milk in their meal.

You can order vegan sides as alternatives to mashed potatoes. For example, Heinz vinegar sachet, tomato sauce dip or BBQ beans. You can check a detailed table that contains all the nutritional information that people need if they are on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

What are the ingredients in KFC’s creamy mash?

The KFC’s creamy mash ingredients are listed below:

  • Potato
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper

As you can see, the ingredients include not plant based products, such as milk and butter, therefore they are not vegan. The potato, salt and black pepper are vegan as they are not affected by cross contamination risk.

What does milk contain in the creamy mash?

The milk is a dairy product so it contains allergens that are not suitable for a vegan diet. They don’t use plant based milk and it would be also affected by cross contamination. As a vegan you can’t order at KFC if it contains milk.

What does butter contain in the creamy mash?

The butter is a dairy product since it is created from milk so it is not suitable for a vegan diet. As a vegan you can’t order at KFC if it contains butter.

Can you order vegan mashed potatoes at KFC?

No, you cannot order vegan mashed potatoes at KFC. Due to the allergens contained and presented in the creamy mash you can’t order it as a vegan.

What are the alternatives for mashed potatoes at KFC?

There are plenty of alternative vegan options for sides at KFC. For individuals, there are some tasty ones such as BBQ Beans, corn on the cob or sweet kernel corn. Also, there are vegan alternatives for families as well.

How to order vegan-friendly sides at KFC?

Ordering sides can be uncomfortable due to their ingredients, because KFC is known for their secret condiments. However, nowadays KFC maintains a database which you can check at any time. On their site, you can see what products contain allergens and even if it is suitable for a vegetarian or a vegan diet. 

Can you order mashed potatoes with gravy as a vegan at KFC?

No, you can’t order potatoes and gravy as a vegan at KFC. The gravy contains egg while the mashed potatoes contain butter and milk.

Can you order fries as a vegan at KFC?

Yes, you can order fries as a vegan at KFC. They do not fry their potatoes in beef fat as other fast-food chains often do, so cross contamination is not a risk.

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