Top Vegan Bath Products for your Bathroom – 2023

People who have decided to go vegan, usually start with changing their diets – cutting out all the last animal products they consume and experimenting with new and exciting recipes. And diet is a big part of a vegan lifestyle. However, veganism is not limited to just your eating habits but covers every aspect of life (like your socker cleats).

If you’ve been following a plant-based diet for a while now, you might also want to start making more conscious decisions in other areas of your life. The logical next step would be swapping all your non-vegan cosmetic products with animal-friendly ones. In this article, we are talking about the best vegan-friendly hair care products and vegan bath products that you need in your bathroom!

Best vegan natural hair brands

Can you still remember how overwhelming it was to read through the ingredient lists in the supermarket and google the components unfamiliar to you when you first went vegan? You might find yourself in the same situation again when you have decided that it’s time to find new hair care products that are vegan. Most hair products contain components and chemicals that don’t say anything to us. That is why many new vegan lifestyle followers choose to buy from brands that are 100% vegan – there is no need to check the ingredients list. Here are my personal favorites that are cruelty-free and fully vegan, with many natural options available.

vegan hair product Olaplex

Olaplex – We have all heard the hype over Olaplex. I was slightly skeptical about the brand for a long time – the beloved hair care products aren’t exactly a cheap investment. But after finally giving it a try, there is no coming back. While the brand is known as the leader in hair treatment and repair products, it is not just for people with damaged hair.

The brand is suitable for all hair types and works wonders on natural hair – whether your hair is wavy, curly, or straight. But now comes the best part, did you know that Olaplex is 100% vegan? Not only is every hair care product suitable for vegans, but the brand is also completely cruelty-free and uses clean ingredients.

obia naturals vegan hair product

Obia Naturals – This might not be a name known as widely as Olaplex, but it has a dedicated customer base, and I’m happy to be part of that. The brand is black-owed, 100% vegan, cruelty-free and natural – what not to love? It is a brilliant choice for women and men with naturally curly hair but also works on relaxed hair. 

The people behind Obia Naturals believe that natural ingredients are necessary for natural hair – makes sense. So, they prioritize using clean natural components, and the products are very much herbal-based.

acure vegan hair product

Acure – Acure is a USA-based brand for hair care and skin care. The female-founded company caters to everyone, no matter your hair or skin type. Thanks to the certified vegan label the brand carries, it’s a choice for many vegans and plant-based enthusiasts. 

Considering the low price, I was surprised to find out the products are natural and organic – another quality to admire. I have to note that they carry some of my favorite skincare items for sensitive skin!

Best vegan hair products

It is not necessary to always buy everything from brands that are 100% vegan. Most non-vegan brands have a decent vegan section, and contributing your money towards that can encourage brands to make more animal-friendly decisions. All these products are suitable for vegan people, even if the company itself isn’t 100% vegan.

  • Love Beauty & Planet Shampoo and Conditioner Duo – This coconut water and mimosa flower shampoo and conditioner are loved by many – especially by people with fine hair. It does a brilliant job in adding volume and is very affordable.
  • Loreal Blow Dry Premier – Everyone who uses heat on their hair knows the importance of good styling products and heat protectants. This premier by Loreal is my go-to product for protecting my hair from heat.
  • Faith in Nature Hair Mask – This shea butter and coconut oil hair mask is incredibly hydrating and always leaves my hair silky smooth. The only downside is that it doesn’t work well for people with oily hair. 

Best vegan bath products

Some good shampoos and conditioners that work for your hair in your bathroom are a must. But who doesn’t like some extra luxuries for a self-care day now and then? Here are some of my favorite bath products that I love to use for regular home spa days.

vegan bath products
  • LUSH Goddess Bath Bomb – I have never understood the hype over bath bombs, but I am guilty of ritually ending every weekend with a bubble bath accompanied by this Lush bath bomb.
  • Herbivores Botanicals CALM bath salt. – Himalayan pink salt enriched with minerals and vitamins. The modest yet relaxing aroma experience makes it worth the small investment. Plus, it makes a great gift!
  • Greener Beauty Focus Essential Oil – While I’m not the biggest fan of bath bombs (except the Lush one mentioned), I have a slight obsession with essential oils. This Greener Beauty one is one of my favorites – I like to add a drop or two into my baths. Or massage it into my skin.

If you want to know more about vegan bath bombs, you should definitely check out our dedicated article!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bath and Body Works has a few vegan products, although it is not a 100% vegan brand. Additionally, the brand is not cruelty-free.

L’oreal offers several vegan shampoos. For example, their Botanicals line carries vegan-friendly hair products (like this one).

Unfortunately, Moroccanoil does not claim to have any vegan products. Reading through the labels shows that some products could potentially be accidentally vegan. But it is not possible to know where some ingredients come from.

No, this specific shampoo contains ingredients derived from animals. Therefore, it is not fit for vegans.

Yes! Many of, if not all, Paul Mitchell shampoos are vegan-friendly! And same goes for other hair products offered by the brand. We really love their Clean Beauty hair product.

The Whole Blends line by Garnier is free from any animal-based ingredients. Many vegans love the shampoos!

Aussie currently carries three shampoos suitable for vegans. These are the following – Blonde Hydration Purple Shampoo, SOS Save My Lengths Shampoo, and SOS Kiss Of Life Shampoo.

Yes, this dry shampoo is made using vegan-friendly ingredients. However, it is worth noting that the brand isn’t cruelty-free.

While Garnier isn’t a vegan brand, they have several vegan-friendly products, including shampoos. For example, their Whole Blends line is 100% vegan.

Some Dove shampoos appear to be suitable for vegan folks when reading through the ingredient list. None of the products are certified vegan.

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