Are Love Hearts Candy Vegan?

Love Hearts Vegan Candy

Love Hearts as known in Europe, or Sweet Hearts for those in North America, are a sugary candy that’s quite popular, especially around valentines day.

Fortunately for us vegans, Love Hearts & Sweet Hearts are both always vegan.

They don’t contain any animal products whatsoever. Love hearts simply contain sugar, various natural coloring agents, and some basic flavor additives and stabilizers that are pretty much universally seen as harmless to consume.

Are Love Hearts Gluten Free?

Yes, Love hearts and Sweet Hearts are 100% Gluten Free. They’re just sugary candies, they don’t have any wheat nor are they produced in a facility that processes wheat.

Are Love Hearts Halal?

Yeah, they’re Halal as well. Most vegan foods are Halal, with the only exception being those that contain alcohol, and neither Love Hearts or Sweet Hearts contain any alcohol.